Wrapping it Up

Wrapping it Up

The crowds are winding down. People are tired, but still smiling. The exhibitors are trying to sell more merchandise so they don’t have to pack it up and those on their feet for all five days are finally sitting-for a moment. In many aspects, it was a great show and I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did!Duane Kelly (c) NWFGS

You may not have known it but the NW Flower & Garden Show is celebrating a milestone this year. They are 20 years old! Wow! And as you know, the show continues to increase in popularity and professionalism. It has come so far since Duane and Alice Kelly took a second mortgage out on their home to finance the very first one. They were rewarded with 51,000 gardeners attending-even Alice Kelly (c) NWFGSthough it snowed. The two were so successful in their effort, they were later asked to take over the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show. Now both shows are hugely popular, and the NW show is third in size of all of the flower shows-second only to Boston and Philadelphia.

You and I, of course, reap the benefits.

Of course, it would not have been possible without the support of many-especially their team of nine people all year round (plus 2 in San Francisco), support staff and hundreds of seasonal workers that work at show-time. The Kelly’s are adamant about the importance of not only their team, but helpers, attendees, exhibitors and seminar leaders-and say that they could not have accomplished it alone. Duane thinks 20 candles are in order-I say a whole lot more than that is. What they have accomplished is nothing short of incredible, and I hope that you will join me in a huge round of applause for these people that work so hard, all year, every year to bring the BEST to the Northwest. Thank you, Duane and Alice, Salmon Bay staff and support staff. Your tireless efforts show in the thriving results of the show as you continue to grow every year.

Cyle Eldred (c) NWFGSCrystal Alaniz (c) NWFGSErina Kong (c) NWFGSJanet Endsley (c) NWFGS

Linda Knudson (c) NWFGSXimena McIntosh (c) NWFGSDan Branley w LaunchHeather Milt w Launch

(Not pictured: David Cardell with Salmon Bay and Jason Cruz with Launch Communications. Plus numerous seasonal staff and other helpers.)

Tell them you appreciate their hard work. Email the show here ([email protected]).

  • Deborah Burns
    Posted at 21:33h, 24 February Reply

    Happy 20th Anniversary!

    From the small seed of an idea, has grown with love and care, a wonderful Show !

    Thank you all!

  • The Place To Bee .... Chris's Country Essence
    Posted at 10:44h, 14 April Reply

    Hi Linda,

    Ron & I have a positive attitude now that I read information on 2010 NW Flower & Garden Show Happening. It is just great!

    I have a favor to ask you. Do you have any pictures you can send us from receiving our award? We have never been so pleased having that happen. Thank you so much for recognizing all of our years of hard work! We will never let you down 🙂

    Thanks again,

    Chris & Ron

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