2023 Display Gardens

Experience Spring Vibes Only from Exceptional Display Gardens

Every year, Garden Creators from around the Pacific Northwest put their blood, sweat and tears into their display gardens. These incredible works of art, constructed in under 72 hours on the show floor, are central to what makes the Northwest Flower & Garden Festival a world-renowned experience of garden design and innovation.

This year’s Garden Creators will aim to evoke “Spring Vibes Only” as the 2023 line-up of gardens are sure to inspire festival-goers with their creativity and innovative ideas that you can incorporate into your own garden!

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Alpine Greens

Immerse yourself in the Cascade Mountains surrounded by beautiful blooming plants, water mimicking the sound of a stream trickling from a ceramic pot and rugged boulders bringing an edge to the space. Incorporating oriental garden and woodland landscape designs inspired by the Pacific Northwest’s most profound mountain range, this garden emits tranquility and could encircle a cabin-themed home or provide contrast to a home featuring modern architectural styles. An artificial turf walk-through putting green injects year-round activity into the otherwise serene garden.

Take-home ideas: Oriental and woodland landscapes are low-maintenance landscape designs that complement many home styles.


Adam Gorski Landscapes, North Bend, WA

gorski 23

Paradise Lodge

In their first year at the Northwest Flower & Garden Festival, Bluegrass Construction demonstrates what a peaceful outdoor retreat could look like in your own backyard. This display highlights opportunities for folks to transform and maximize outdoor square footage into a space that extends their indoor space out into an oasis. Bluegrass’s design features the use of a stunning heavy timber gazebo, a single pitch bar area with pine soffit, a water feature and a pet-friendly synthetic turf putting area for golf lovers bringing outdoor living to the next level of ‘wow.’

Take-home ideas: Remodel your outdoor space to create a welcoming environment that you’ll want to spend time in year-round.


Bluegrass Construction and Decks, Marysville, WA
Wintergreen Landscapes, Snohomish, WA

Bluegrass 23

Play Somethin’ Country

Imagine an evening out on the farm with a beautiful countryside backdrop featuring a botanical wonderland of waterfalls, lazy rivers and good company. That’s exactly what Dakara Landscape Design brings to the festival this year! As a seasoned garden designer for the NW Flower & Garden Festival, their display is sure to impress. Featuring a custom-built waterfall, a river that flows through the trees and a myriad of unique props creating an immersive experience. Their display aims to inspire gardening enthusiasts outside city limits.  

Using a variety of plants native to the Pacific Northwest, Dakara creates a textured and vibrant environment that will transport you to a relaxing evening in the country. 

Take-home ideas: Using botanicals to create an intimate space for gatherings with friends and family.


Dakara Landscape Design, Edmonds, WA
Divine Landscapes NW, Marysville, WA

Dakara 23

Branching Out. Living with History

Take a walk through history in this garden design inspired by the natural beauty of the world around us. Sparked by the discovery of an exquisite basal stone and inspired by Grand Dolmen features, this display creates a serene intimate feeling for the viewer, pulling on honored design and balance. With a combination of beautiful organic stone walls, whimsical trees and intentional landscaping, Elandan Gardens hopes their design will speak to the creative soul, leaving a lasting impression grounded and inspired by its timeless nature.

Take-home ideas:  Get connected with nature. The raw beauty of this display will inspire viewers to incorporate more organic materials in their day-to-day life.


Elandan Gardens Ltd., Bremerton, WA
Noble Stone - Dry Stone Construction, Vashon, WA

Elandan 23

Scent-sational Plants: Great Plant Picks for Fragrance

The scent-sational garden will feature a variety of perennials, shrubs, and trees specifically chosen for their ability to thrive in the maritime Pacific Northwest climate and for their floral & foliar fragrance that sweeten the air. Peek at the plants in beautiful containers, and be sure to note your favorites on the display sprinkled throughout the garden. 

Presented by the Great Plant Picks educational program by Elisabeth Miller Botanical Garden, Great Plant Picks is the only program of its kind in the Pacific Northwest. Its website only features plants vetted by a committee of professional horticulturists from around the region.

Take-home ideas: After discovering your favorite blooming bushes and trees, head to the Great Plant Picks website to determine which ones best suit you and your space.


Elisabeth Miller Botanical Garden/Great Plant Picks, Seattle, WA

GPP 23

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

Inspired by Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, this garden will take you through Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter in one walk-through! Each season will have its own unique design style creating an authentic experience for all four seasons with plant material and landscape. Featuring fire pits, a faux basalt pondless water feature, murals, garden walls and a trellis with hammocks, visitors who enjoy the ebbs and flows of PNW weather are sure to enjoy the journey this garden brings them on.

Take-home ideas: Update your outdoor space with cozy elements and enjoy the outdoors through every season.


Fancy Plants Gardens, Inc., Bothell, WA
Royal Design Finishes, Bothell, WA

Fancy Plants 23


FloraFantastic will welcome Spring with a display inspired by the season itself! Focusing on vivid colors and textures, Flower Growers of Puget Sound will create an entire garden of flowers and foliage that thrive in the Northwest’s Spring months. Creative sparks will fly as visitors explore through a wonderland of bright botanicals to inspire creations of any size – from container gardens to patios and full-on picturesque landscapes.

Take-home ideas: Visitors will walk away with an abundance of ideas for incorporating color into their home gardens- all with plants they can buy right now, in February.


Flower Growers of Puget Sound, Onalaska, WA

Flower Growers 23

Summer Time Vibes

Summertime may be the vibe, but this is a space to be enjoyed year-round. Modern & multi-functional, this backyard features a water pond designed to relax by in warmer months, and a fireplace is showcased centrally to cozy up to in the cold. With pavers towards the entrance & fido-friendly turf towards the back, this stunning space is designed with the full family in mind. With plants and greenery crowning the perimeters and an elevated deck to take it all in, this modern yard can’t wait to host your next outdoor celebration!

Take-home ideas: Get inspiration and see the possibilities to maximize your own backyard by incorporating multiple components and how they can seamlessly transition to a welcoming space.


GMC Landscapes LLC, Renton, WA

GMC 23

Dinner Interrupted

Inspired by a grand dinner party with friends and family, Hello Garden invites visitors to step into their world of attainable luxury while emphasizing juxtaposition: edible and ornamental, modern and vintage, new planters and reclaimed vessels. Viewers will get lost in the intricate layers of detail with several “Easter Egg” surprises waiting to be found – all embraced by a modern pergola that will echo the idea of a dining room to bring the scene to life. Hello Garden believes in connecting with the Earth, friends, and family and utilizing every bit of space to create different destinations without leaving your home. 

Take-home ideas: Visitors of this display will walk away ready to plan their own party garden. Hello Garden provides inspiration on how botanical elements can enhance your space in unique ways.


Hello Garden, Seattle, WA
Corona Landscape, Monroe, WA

hello garden 23

Beau Chateau

Little Prince will take visitors on a walk through an urban forest with their display. Combining large evergreens and deciduous shrubs; Little Prince will create a dense forest scene by underplanting the larger specimens with hellebores, ferns, beesia and other herbaceous perennials. This garden will feature unique stumperies and a custom water installation surrounded by abundant color, texture, grasses and eye-catching carnivorous plants. Thoughtfully placed ground cover lends texture and color to the surrounding rock and stone installations.

Take-home ideas: This garden will inspire visitors to uniquely incorporate color and texture into their hardscapes in an aesthetically pleasing way.


Little Prince of Oregon Nursery, Seattle, WA

little prince 23

An Invitation to Be

Livingroom Landscape believes gardens are invitations. They are a place to observe and reflect, to become inspired and dream, to meander, frolic, and follow intuitive movements, slow down, listen, witness and commune. Take a serene journey through a meadow in this warm and inviting display full of naturalistic planting, groups of trees amongst grasses, spotted with blooms. This display allows visitors to take a moment to feel connected to nature and experience the calmness it provides and all it has to offer by simply existing. 

Take-home ideas: Embrace what is naturally occurring in your space and work with it, rather than against it.


Livingroom Landscape, Carnation, WA

livingroom 23

Evoke Your Inner ‘Yellowstone’

Creating a true escape, Method Hardscapes’ display is inspired by a Yellowstone campground meets Snoqualmie Lodge. Set in a PNW forest, discover a luxurious upcycled Montana-style canvas tent nestled among native fragrant flora and fauna – the ideal setting for a romantic staycation or creative meditation space. Sounds of a flowing creek and rustling leaves fill the air, adding to the feeling of being immersed in nature. Viewers will be inspired to experience the beauty of nature in their own backyard in tastefully appointed comfort.

Take-home ideas: A tent space can be carefully placed in a wooden area allowing the preservation of native forests and eliminating the need for converting all your land into man-made gardens.


Method Hardscapes, Duvall, WA

method 23

Falling Water Greenhouse

This display will incorporate a greenhouse, custom waterfall and luscious garden all in one; challenging visitors' idea of how gardens and structures can be intertwined for function and beauty. Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Falling Water” house, visitors will see the benefits of both indoor planting structures, like aquaponics, and the more common outdoor garden working together to seamlessly create a beautiful, fruitful space. 

Take-home ideas: Get inspired to take your home garden to the next level and learn about the benefits of incorporating a greenhouse into your gardening space.


Nature Perfect Landscaping & Design, Tumwater, WA
Northwest Green Panels, Terrebonne, OR

nature perfect 23

Me Encanta Orquideas

Step into Colombia while visiting this “Encanto” inspired display! Fans of Colombian culture and more specifically, orchids, are in for a treat. The Northwest Orchid Society, a local non-profit, has assembled a rich display of orchids from nearly every continent on earth, complemented by lush foliage. This garden has been curated and planted by volunteers who are committed to collecting and creating beautiful orchid displays. As visitors walk through this garden, they’ll feel the passion and heart put into each arrangement. 

Take-home ideas: This display will inspire city dwellers who have indoor spaces primed for flora. Plants in this display thrive inside.


Northwest Orchid Society, Seattle, WA

nwos 23


Step into the afterglow of disaster and appreciate the light and life that comes next. Inspired by forest fires, and more broadly the widespread hardships that the world has faced over the last few years; Redwood Builders wants to remind visitors of the beauty that follows destruction. Featuring native PNW types of conifers, broadleaf evergreens, ferns and trees adorned with burns and charred wood – this garden will create an immersive environment and remind visitors of nature’s resilience and strength.

Take-home ideas: Get inspired to combine the natural beauty of the environment with modern materials.


Redwood Builders LLC, Landscaping, Maple Valley, WA
Bonsai Northwest, Maple Valley, WA

redwood 23

The Healing Garden… Mind, Body and Spirit

From the teams behind the NWFGF’s main show garden for many years, Terra Firma Hardscape and The Grounds Professionals collaborated to create an oasis of healing and restoration to connect your senses with Mother Nature and her elements. 

This walk-through garden features a healing crystal water feature, a fire table, and raised beds nestled upon paver paths and patios. With creative screening panels and both indoor and outdoor seating, this space provides multiple areas for restoration, no matter the season. Mushrooms and healing plants provide vivid colors inspiring herbology and mixology, even on the darkest winter days. 

Take-home ideasTake a moment to discover what elements of The Healing Garden you connect with to inspire healing and peace in your own space year-round.


Terra Firma Hardscapes, Everett, WA (construction)
The Grounds Professionals, Mukilteo, WA (design)
Hartley-Botanic, Wilmington, MA (greenhouse) 

terra firma 23

Honey Pot Garden

Entice friends and family for a day of fun, and invite them to embrace their youthful spirit whether they are 4 or 40. Designed in partnership with Puget Sound Plants, Rock Mountain Products, NW Outdoor Lighting, the “Honey Pot Garden” is a collaboratively designed space to host the ultimate backyard celebration with room for lawn games, elevated garden beds to nourish and explore, a BBQ space on the paver patio, and a fire pit to enjoy when the mercury drops into the evening. 

Take-home ideas: Get inspired by a collaboration of backyard pros to create a space guests won’t want to leave!


Washington Association of Landscape Professionals, Seattle, WA

walp 23

Shaded from Reality

Visitors will want to spend a quiet weekend in a cottage tucked in the woods, or create a rustic garden space of their own after viewing this delightful escape into nature. West Seattle Nursery repurposed recycled materials to create a cozy corner of the forest featuring a small cabin-inspired greenhouse made from reclaimed windows, a stream cantilevering off a rock structure and greenery that thrives in the shade. This garden is perfect for inspiring folks who live in the PNW year-round.

Take-home ideas: Visitors who have limited natural light will see how to start their own shade-loving garden.


West Seattle Nursery, Inc., Seattle, WA

west seattle 23