Celebrate Creativity and the Love of Spring

Each year, inspired and innovative Garden Creators from around the Pacific Northwest put their heart and soul into crafting showstopping garden displays. These temporary and stunning works of art, constructed in under 72 hours on the show floor with over 30,000 forced plants and blooming flowers, are the cornerstone of what makes the Northwest Flower & Garden Festival a world-renowned source of garden design inspiration and innovation.

This year’s Garden Creators are the best of the best with more color, plant variety, interactive opportunities, and more, exploring intriguing themes such as peaceful retreats, game night, romance, burnt wood art, edible botanicals, and of course, PNW nature and lifestyle. Stroll through the Gardens on the main show floor to imagine their beauty in your own outdoor space and for the ultimate backdrops for show selfies.

Spring From Darkness

Admire a sanctuary that harmonizes a distinct absence of traditional garden color, highlighting the dark and subtle beauty of shou sugi ban-burnt decks and fences that preserve wood’s deep grains and weathered texture, intertwined with charcoal-hued rocks and a palette of dramatic dark green, black, and white flora. Crafted for Seattleites, this garden masterpiece weaves burnt wood decks and fencing, water features, and unconventional hues to “Spring from Darkness.” In their 12th year at the festival, Adam Gorski Landscapes invites viewers to explore the beauty born from the shadows.

Take-home ideas: Experiment with non-traditional color schemes and materials to create an
outdoor space that fits your unique aesthetic and stands out from the crowd.

Designed by: Adam Gorski Landscapes Inc.

Adam Gorski


Eat, Sleep, Create, A Garden Retreat

Bask in alfresco moments with a garden that sparks inspiration. Picture this: a workstation seamlessly transitions from office to a tree-canopied haven, where easy-care flora carpets the ground. As evening descends, the table clears for lively gatherings or tranquil moments surrounded by stunning metalwork sculptures. This garden boasts a custom home office built by Studio Shed, nestled amidst river birch groves, their exquisite bark an organic masterpiece. Container gardens punctuate the landscape, offering bursts of color and culinary delights. A swinging day bed beckons, allowing you to find solace and inspiration in every corner—a testament to the artistry of outdoor living.

Take-home ideas: Big or small, once a design is thoughtfully and purposefully tailored to a
space, it becomes much more personal – a custom oasis.

Designed by: Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLDWA)


Here Comes the Sun

This garden harmonizes contrasts—rustic yet industrial, whimsical and modern, blending formal and natural elements. Multiple arcs intersect, echoing the sun's radial pattern, forming a dynamic space. A salvaged-material shed serves as a cozy playhouse or writer's retreat, with rain cascading down to a reflecting pool. A lush path leads past woven steel walls to a curved bench on a flagstone patio. Artful touches are everywhere with statuary from Greenman Stone
and birdhouses from Cave Fish Studios adorning the landscape. It's a garden for everyone—children enchanted by the shed, adults gathering by the welcoming bench, and wildlife beckoned by pollinator-friendly plantings and birdhouses.

Take-home ideas: Take advantage of succession planting, spring ephemerals and bulbs provide an early show and fade away to allow summer and fall perennials to shine.

Designed by: Devonshire Landscapes


Calming Waters, Private Refuge

Elandan Gardens unveils a tranquil sanctuary, marrying nature's allure with artistic finesse. Sculptural trees, aged pines meticulously trained for over five decades, and reflective waters mirror the serene surroundings. Artful stones and cascading water enhance the ambiance alongside exquisite bonsai. As pioneers in embracing the natural trend for decades, this garden beckons those inspired by nature's beauty and creative expression. A testament to Elandan Gardens' legacy, marking its 32nd year at the Festival, this garden whispers tales of harmony between artistry and the natural world, inviting all to immerse in its timeless splendor.

Take-home ideas: Use water features to reflect and enhance natural surroundings.

Designed by: Elandan Gardens, ltd



Flora Romantica

Experience complete immersion into the world of romantic garden design. For their 23rd year at the Festival, the Elisabeth Miller Botanical Garden’s Great Plant Pick (GPP) brings forth a curated selection of exceptional perennials, shrubs, and trees. Visitors will enjoy wandering
through the exhibit, where these floral gems are elegantly presented in attractive containers, providing a glimpse into the beauty of each season. Festival goers will love engaging with the display which leads to the GPP website; a treasure trove of information on the garden’s design by a committee of horticultural experts from Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.

Take-home ideas: Bring romantic garden design inspiration to your maritime Northwest garden or containers.

Designed by: Elisabeth Miller Botanical Garden – Great Plant Picks

great plant picks


Plant Fantasy

Step into a botanical wonderland, where a vibrant medley of colors unfolds. Flower Growers of Puget Sound’s display will have visitors picturing themselves amidst a kaleidoscope of brightly colored blossoms. The garden features custom stone pillars, which stand as silent sentinels, adding character to the landscape, while uniquely designed metal art intricately weaves style into the vibrant flora display. At the core of the nonprofit's mission lies a commitment to championing greenhouses and nursery growers of ornamental plants in the Pacific Northwest and advocating for suppliers within the industry.

Take-home ideas: Get inspired to color-match your home garden! This medley of flora will inspire you to think critically about the colors you add to your garden.

Designed by: Flower Growers of Puget Sound


Captured Nature

Visitors will dive head first into an idyllic retreat where nature's embrace takes center stage at GMC Landscape’s garden! Festival goers will love admiring the display adorned with Douglas firs, ferns, and wild grass, highlighting the Pacific Northwest’s beauty. The centerpiece of this enchanting landscape is a custom waterfall, one of GMC Landscape’s specialties, creating a symphony of soothing sounds. A meticulously crafted rockwall adds texture and character, completing the natural scene. This garden’s harmonious blend of soft and hard elements will unite nature enthusiasts and admirers alike.

Take-home ideas: Visitors will be thrilled to learn that this garden can be built almost anywhere and featured plants require limited water to thrive.

Designed by: GMC Landscapes LLC


Forest Bathing

Step into a sanctuary that blends the beauty of the Pacific Northwest with the ancient Japanese art of "Forest Bathing," known as Shinrin-yoku. Hello Garden’s unique garden showcases a partnership of native Northwest plantings, creating an immersive experience that transcends the bustling city surroundings. The garden's design artfully conceals its interior, inviting visitors to fully embrace the enchantment within. At the heart of this display is a wood-burning hot tub, creating a picture of peace and slow living. The carefully chosen plantings, a fusion of florals and Northwest evergreens, evoke a sense of tranquility. A living tea garden takes center stage,
a nod to the restorative power of nature. This garden invites visitors to explore the benefits of fostering an appreciation for the healing power of the forest.

Take-home ideas: Leave this garden inspired to create your own sanctuary of serenity, healing, and peace.

Designed by: Hello Garden LLC

hello garden


Harvesting Beauty

Step into the heart of HomeGrown Organics’ cherished family garden on Vashon Island, a living tribute to the connection between life and the land. This display is a testament to the art of cultivating both beautiful and purposeful plants. Wander through a greenhouse featuring a blend of orchids and both traditional and exotic edible crops. Amidst this botanical haven, visitors will discover a reflective pool, a beacon of stillness and tranquility. Designed with all ages in mind, this garden creates space for inspiration, creativity, and play. The garden features a meadow of sedges; a resilient lawn alternative in wet soil, creating a perfect play area for the family. This
garden invites visitors to connect with the essence of life, one plant at a time.

Take-home ideas: Walk away inspired to build a greenhouse space that provides productivity, beauty, and an inviting gathering space.

Designed by: HomeGrown Organics

hg organics


How Much She Loves Us

Reflecting the intricate link between homeowners and landscape, this garden by Jen Szabo Design mirrors how surrounding landscapes influence both dwellings and their occupants. The central garden structure serves as the ribcage of a home, organizing the space with balanced gardens in every direction offering a blend of public and private realms united by elements like an earthy protective wall nurturing a natural sanctuary and a communal front porch. Interwoven stone, wood, earth, and steel throughout the garden create a harmonious marriage of modern and rustic, softened by lush greenery.

Take-home ideas: Explore new ways to integrate plant material into hardscapes.

Designed by:  J Szabo Collaborative Landscapes



Plunge Into Spring!

Welcome to your private garden oasis, where social gatherings, family activities, and reflection are in beautiful abundance. The confluence of functional hardscape, an exotic plunge pool, lush flora, and a fun and charming personal croquet lawn, open unlimited possibilities for year-round outdoor entertaining. A peaceful and relaxing backyard destination for morning coffee, contemplation, and igniting one’s senses. Invite friends for private yoga sessions on a handcrafted deck amidst peaceful surroundings in a truly livable and functional garden space, while affording endless opportunities to create fun and memorable experiences. Features exclusive to this finely crafted garden space include an entertaining deck coupled with a luxurious plunge pool reminiscent of an exotic vacation spot world’s away.

Take-home ideas: Entertaining decks provide a multifunctional space for private or shared enjoyment.

Designed by: Method Hardscapes



What could be

Nestled within a modern, vibrant, and interactive landscape, this garden echoes the essence of the Pacific Northwest in its natural allure. Cascading water features harmonize with the space, fostering an immersive experience. A walk-through area, flanked by a variety of privacy trees, defines the space—and shows those longing for a way to populate space ‘what could be.’ Crafted for residents seeking inspiration for their underutilized outdoor spaces, this garden represents a canvas waiting to unfurl its potential. Embracing a modern aesthetic and beloved hues of the Pacific Northwest, it caters to those envisioning a vibrant outdoor oasis. This space invites exploration, offering a visionary glimpse into the possibilities awaiting within a residential

Take-home ideas: Privacy trees are a great tool for creating a green urban escape, even with limited space.

Designed by: MTS Tree & Landscape

mts landscape


The Secret Garden

Step into an enchanting realm within this hidden faerie garden, with a breathtaking waterfall sparkling at its heart. Crafted to ignite the imagination of both children and adults alike, this mystical oasis promises an otherworldly experience. Designed to inspire and captivate, this ethereal space weaves a tapestry of magic for young adventurers and those young at heart. Keep an eye out for fluttery miniature faeries hiding among an impressive 15’ wide 8’ tall stump. This whimsical garden will find a permanent home at Point Defiance Zoo, ensuring its charm continues to mesmerize and delight visitors for generations to come.

Take-home ideas: Use lights to create effects and highlight key aspects of a garden, scaling to manipulate the perception of the space.

Designed by: Nature Perfect Landscape & Design

nature perfect


The Awakening Dragon

Embark on an extraordinary journey through a sanctuary where orchids and tropical flora thrive alongside an awe-inspiring rock formation—shaped like a dragon awakening from an eon-long slumber. While these plants hail from Pacific Northwest interiors, their growth outdoors her remains unfeasible, lending an exotic touch to the space. Enthusiasts of fantastical tales like Lord of the Rings and Dungeons & Dragons will revel in this whimsical space, transporting them into a realm of imagination. The colossal dragon fashioned from wood and slate rock, and adorned with moss and epiphytic plants, narrates a tale of ancient slumber. This garden is a testament to the Northwest Orchid Society's dedication to educating about orchids and contributing to conservation efforts, safeguarding these exquisite blooms in their natural habitats.

Take-home ideas: Discover new display methods to capitalize on aesthetic potential.

Designed by: Northwest Orchid Society & Emerald City Orchids



My Northwest Blue Zone

Take a journey to longevity with our garden exhibit inspired by the world's renowned "blue zones" where high populations of healthy 100-year-olds live. Drawing from Costa Rica's Nicoya Peninsula, Greece's Ikaria, Japan's Okinawa, California's Loma Linda, and Italy's Sardinia, this garden embodies elements vital for longevity. Meticulously designed, it reflects blue zones' characteristics: a plant-based diet, areas for exercise, spaces for reflection, connections with family, and purpose through gardening. Featuring edible plants, stone steps, a serene water feature, and a fire pit patio, this Asian-inspired oasis promotes a health-focused lifestyle. Crafted by a bonsai-loving landscape design company, it's an invitation for all ages to embrace wellness, stepping into a happier, healthier life in their backyard.

Take-home ideas: The use of grand and varied ideas in a small space.

Designed by: Redwood Builders Landscaping

redwood builders


Emerald Reverie: Living a Plant-Filled Life

Step into "Emerald Reverie," where indoor and outdoor boundaries dissolve for a harmonious connection with nature. This garden, born from the dream of a Victorian-inspired stumpery in a modern context, boasts innovative foraging paths and a striking Shou Sugi Ban faux wall. Careful color and shape choices indoors mirror the outdoor space and showcase elevated aesthetics. Salvaged materials, vintage finds, and unique plantings add whimsy and tell a story of reuse. From the meadow of spring onions to a vintage Gunnera bench, the garden invites an exploration of interconnectivity between the built and natural environments. Relish Gardens specializes in creating spaces that serve all who call them home, embracing a life lived with plants.

Take-home ideas: Seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces with innovative foraging paths and unique plantings.

Designed by: Relish Gardens LLC

relish gardens


Dreamscapes by the Sea

Step into the realm of "Dreamscapes by the Sea” within a stunning Hartley Botanic Greenhouse, offering an enchanting outdoor space. Vibrant glass art invites exploration alongside a mesmerizing live jellyfish tank in the Hartley Botanic Greenhouse, creating serene tranquility. Unconventional stone blocks and oversized pavers adorned with crushed Oyster Shells redefine traditional landscaping, connecting playfully to the Salish Sea. Native flora like California wax myrtle, Beach strawberry, and Shore Pine embody low-maintenance elegance. The "Wave" Water Feature orchestrates mindfulness, complemented by seaside art and a distinctive concrete fire table, warming hearts within this captivating coastal sanctuary.

Take-home ideas: Opt for covered areas like a Hartley Botanic Greenhouse or a heat source to enjoy the outdoors year-round.

Designed by: The Grounds Professionals & Wilkie Excavating and Landscaping


Game Night

Step into a world of leisure and camaraderie at the Washington Association of Landscape Professionals’ Game Night garden display. Nestled within, discover a paver inviting cherished moments with loved ones over meals and spirited games. An elevated patio beckons, adorned with plush elements for day or evening indulgence by a crackling fire, offering a space for laughter and play. A captivating water feature serenades the entire garden with its soothing melody – calming intense competition spilling over from gameplay. Intelligently dotted with art pieces and charming nuances, this multifaceted garden caters to couples, expansive families, friends, and all seeking shared joy and relaxation.

Take-home ideas: Constructed practically, envision elements from this garden in your own outdoor space.

Designed by: Washington Association of Landscape Professionals



A Year in the Life of Your Garden

Embark on a seasonal odyssey through this captivating garden, tracing the natural evolution from vibrant Spring to serene Winter. With a curated showcase mirroring your garden's yearly journey, discover inspiration for every season. Presented by West Seattle Nursery, a proud woman-owned establishment renowned for Japanese Maples, perennials, and outdoor conifers, this exhibit unveils an array of horticultural delights. With 15 years gracing the Festival, the nursery also offers an extensive houseplant collection and all-encompassing gardening essentials. A treasure trove of insights awaits, benefiting enthusiasts at every stage, and mirroring the beautiful changes inherent in nature.

Take-home ideas: Explore options for every season to create a stunning garden, no matter the time of year.

Designed by: West Seattle Nursery



Backyard Bliss

Find a contemporary backyard retreat, embodying a modern oasis thriving in the Pacific Northwest climate. Experience bursts of vibrant color and texture in carefully selected plantings, complemented by premium materials that define a sleek aesthetic. Discover cutting-edge features like a streamlined water feature, a high-end outdoor kitchen with a bar, a wing-adorned trellis, and a plant chandelier. This garden introduces revolutionary products like Mutual Materials' Porcelain Pavers and ManorStone Elite Smooth Tapered Blocks, demonstrating the achievability of modern design in compact spaces. Uncover practical insights, including the impact of hardscape materials on design styles to create a cohesive space for entertainment and relaxation.

Take-home ideas: Create a meticulously curated modern oasis by utilizing innovative products.

Designed by: Wintergreen Landscapes and Nursery