2024 City Living Displays

Inspiring urban dwellers for decades, City Living garden displays, presented by Crescent Garden, provide practical ideas and push the boundaries of what a patio, balcony, or small city garden can be. Explore artistic designs from the region’s top designers in natural light on the Sky Bridge.

City Living demonstrates just how artistic container plantings can be. These 12 ft x 6 ft masterpieces incorporate intimate outdoor living spaces for relaxing and entertaining while incorporating vertical wall planters, bold plant combinations, lavish textural accents, cozy seating and even water features. These gardens are created by leading retail nurseries and landscape designers in the Pacific Northwest.

A Celebration Dinner for Two

Ali Black Design's patio evokes an intimate dinner for two, adorned with a crystal chandelier illuminating a wrought iron table crowned by a cherry wood top. Set with vintage silverware and a champagne bucket, the scene unfolds against a backdrop of vintage botanical wallpaper on a grand screen. Amidst this setting, tropical grandeur meets tradition—a duo of majestic brugmansia and Phalaenopsis orchids mingle with vibrant Plectranthus verticillatus, purple Tradescantia, and fiery orange Geraniums. With a palette boasting black, white, chartreuse, and orange, this fusion encapsulates the trend of bringing indoor plant elegance outdoors, offering a fresh, innovative spin to traditional outdoor aesthetics.

Take-home ideas: Mix indoor tropicals with outdoor annuals in containers, giving your indoor plants a new look for Summer.

Designed by:  Ali Black Design

ali black design


Pike Place and The Parisian

Immerse in a Parisian escape, where black and white elegance meets bursts of yellow, and orange. Containers flourish with hyacinths, tulips, lemon cypress, and more, while a lattice wall entwines with jasmine, framing cafe-style seating for morning delights. A mischievous metal crow, a symbol of whimsy, steals a croissant while a typewriter hints at creative musings. Artistry thrives with recycled glass screens, hanging mobiles, and rain chains by Bedrock Industries, complemented by metal sculptures from Bent Productions and Abraxas Crow Company. Envisioned for the creative soul, this garden invites relaxation and inspiration, painting a story of a Parisian transplant crafting a Romance Mystery amidst Pike Place Market's charm.

Take-home ideas: Incorporate sculptures into containers to add height and dimension.

Designed by:  Bent Productions and Bedrock Industries

bent production


An Octopus’s Garden in the (Partial) Shade

Breath Easy Garden invites visitors to immerse themselves in a marine-inspired garden, perfect for discovering the free-spirited mermaid within you. With a color palette of teals and blues, this display captures the essence of the ocean, creating an atmosphere of a serene reef retreat. The hues are complemented by soft coral shades, adding a touch of warmth to the underwater ambiance. The garden is strategically populated with plants that thrive in dappled sunlight, casting shadows that mimic the dance of light beneath the sea. As you explore, the sounds of water provide a soothing melody, drowning out the hustle of the city and transporting you to a realm of tranquility. This display embraces whimsy and fun, with upcycled furniture and uniquely shaped plants that breathe life into the display.


Take-home ideas: Get creative with plant selections that fit your space, use height to create dynamic garden designs, and embrace rich, vibrant colors.

Designed by: Breathe Easy Gardening, LLC

breathe easy gardening


Crescent Garden

Established in 1999 by Paula Douer and Harry Tchira, merging their manufacturing prowess with a love of gardening, Crescent Garden is now one of the premier container gardening innovators with self-watering solutions and refined design. From its inception, Crescent Garden has catered to contractors, plant enthusiasts, and global garden centers, offering enduring containers and cutting-edge accessories. Embodying professionalism and passion, their mantra resonates: planters should serve you. Striving for accessible gardening, they redefine industry norms, dedicated to empowering growth for all.

Take-home ideas: Utilize high-quality self-watering containers to create a vibrant and manageable garden of any size.

Designed by: Crescent Garden

crescent garden


More is More

Step into the vibrant maximalist garden where ‘more’ is not just encouraged – it's celebrated. This space is a symphony of style, comfort, color, and texture where an orange, green, and white color palette invites visitors to lean into their Maximalist spirit. In this lush retreat, time is measured in relaxation, and patio moments are maximized. Large-scale colorful butterfly art creates an enchanting atmosphere and the custom totem sculptures by Dustin Gimbel Designs act as a backbone of the display. This design is tailor-made for the high-rise city dweller with an unapologetic passion for art and color. Every corner tells a story, and every color speaks volumes. Step into a seamless blend of form and function, where aesthetics and practicality coexist harmoniously.

Take-home ideas: Get inspired to incorporate more bold colors into your garden.

Designed by: digs inside & out

digs inside out



Step into a Mediterranean-inspired balcony garden that evokes the allure of Spain's tranquil sanctuaries and Morocco's vibrant charm. Adorned with Spanish and Moroccan architectural accents, the space exudes contemporary splendor through bursts of vivid hues. A standout feature, the stenciled wall intricately weaves color and design, offering an effortless yet striking aesthetic. Ideal for the wanderlust-hearted and lovers of vibrant palettes, this creation celebrates the beauty of small spaces. Crafted by a former travel agent turned globe-trotting garden tour leader, it embodies a fusion of travel passions and botanical marvels.

Take-home ideas: Small spaces can be beautiful and inspirational.

Designed by: Ma Petite Gardens

ma petite


Seeds of Change

This captivating display harnesses the beauty of nature's bounty. Crafted by visionary creators, it weaves together a tapestry of collected seedpods, delicately paired with the elegance of hellebore and the boldness of freshly cut protea flowers. Embracing the unconventional, the display ingeniously transforms these seedpods into functional design elements, seamlessly merging artistry with the enchantment of the garden. Standout features include a mesmerizing curtain fashioned from Proboscidea seedpods, inviting visitors through a doorway adorned with these marvels—a celebration of nature's artistry awaits within this immersive display. From the young to the young at heart, this exhibit beckons a diverse audience—primarily adults enraptured by its allure, although children too will find themselves drawn to its intrigue.

Take-home ideas: Use seedpods and other unique materials for interesting decor.

Designed by: Obsidian Windchimes

obsidian windchimes



Delve into the captivating fusion of mobility and gardening through a whimsical stationery utility trailer, inspired by the VanLife trend. Adorned with botanical wallpaper on its sideboards, this mobile garden transforms into a charming space housing the creator's favorite plants and promising a delightful spectacle as it cruises down the highway behind an RV. A nod to urban living, the garden incorporates art pieces on the walls and cozy rugs on the patio, cultivating a comforting 'home is the best place to be' atmosphere. Designer, Tonya Gray, is a seasoned artist specializing in contemporary folk art. Her textured and inviting gardens have graced the NW Flower & Garden Festival for over a decade. You're invited to celebrate the fusion of art, nature, and mobility in this innovative and charming garden exhibit. Explore the dynamic intersection of creativity, horticulture, and life on the move.

Take-home ideas: Learn the fusion of art, nature, and mobility with a charming mobile garden.

Desgned by: Tonya Gray Art Works

tonya gray


Urban Middle Earth

Take a journey to Middle Earth at our symbolic display celebrating Tolkien lore and the magic of Lord of the Rings fandom. Imagine a captivating half-moon and half-sun garden, complete with a tranquil bench, water feature, and two Trees of Valinor symbolizing the creation of the sun and moon. Our exhibit channels fairytale and lore with staff-made crafts, plant art, floating electric candles, and charming hobbit doors. Catering to modern hobbit enthusiasts and folklore admirers, Urban Earth specializes in city garden plants, including unique perennials, conifers, shrubs, and trees. This women-owned and operated business’ goal is to preserve the spirit of storytelling, coziness, and magic in this curated urban oasis.


Take-home ideas: Incorporate stories and narratives into your urban space, and don’t forget the magic!

Designed by: Urban Earth Nursery

urban earth


Where the forest meets the sea

Step into a coastal sanctuary where the scent of moss and mushrooms meets the briny sea air, seamlessly blending the lush forest with the waters of the Pacific Northwest. This landscape harmoniously incorporates native plants, subtly cultivated to enhance the natural beauty. Imagine a moss-draped cabin nestled among towering conifers, surrounded by native flora, the gentle murmur of moving water, and scattered driftwood on sandy shores. Perfect for those who cherish PNW's diverse seasons and seek a touch of ruggedness at home. Viewers enjoy a selection of ferns, native plants, captivating cultivars, trees, shrubs, and perennials.


Take-home ideas: Explore the fusion of natives and cultivars on your home patio to craft a unique, tranquil space for unhurried moments.

Designed by: Zenith Holland Nursery

zenith holland



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