2023 City Living Displays

Staged on the Skybridge will be inspirational patio gardens which will offer practical ideas and creativity for apartment and condo dwellers, or anyone with a limited space for outdoor living.

City Living demonstrates just how artistic container plantings can be. These 12 ft x 6 ft masterpieces incorporate intimate outdoor living spaces for relaxing and entertaining while incorporating vertical wall planters, bold plant combinations, lavish textural accents, cozy seating and even water features. These gardens are created by leading retail nurseries and landscape designers in the Pacific Northwest.

Into the Realms of Faeries

Inspired by Tolkien, Game of Thrones, fantasy, and the sense of magic in nature that childhood evokes, this NWFGF newcomer creates a private enchanted forest for one. Designed for a patio, this cozy nook goes vertical with a micro-pergola and cozy hammock chair nested between nooks for mugs of hot tea, a good book, and plants big and small. Interconnected fairy gardens create a playful contrast against larger plants that feel giant & ancient by comparison. Designed for urban dreamers and bookworms at home in the woods, escape to your personal realm of wonder just on the other side of your sliding door. 

Take-home idea: Learn how to make the most of your space by integrating height, shelving and miniature plants to customize an escape limited only by your imagination.

Garden Designer:
Breathe Easy Gardening, LLC; Bothell, WA

Balcon d’oiseaux et fleurs

With a self-described vibe of “100% French,” digs inside & out returns to NWFGF embracing sustainable vintage with curated furnishings and lighting, oversized art, and an intentionally simplified color pallet for an overall effect of chic French design. Channeling a French floral boutique, birds, spring flowers, and evergreens are featured throughout to create a cozy space designed to be at home on a French balcony for the ultimate stylish plant lover or budding ornithologist.

Take-home idea: Bring some joie de vivre to your small balcony by styling it like the French for a lush and cohesive space with sustainable styling.

Garden Designer:
digs inside & out; Portland, OR

Greenhouse Oasis

Transport yourself into a cozy greenhouse oasis perfect for morning coffee and a space for reflection to start and end your day. This newcomer to the NW Garden & Festival wanted to create a tropical escape from PNW winters inspired by his wife’s hometown in Guatemala. 

A sensorial immersion is created with fragrant chamomile, daphne, and gardenia, edible components such as thyme, pineapple, and guava, all in a visually lush landscape including banana and coffee plants for some hometown Central American vibes. Decorated with Guatemalan textiles, wine barrels, local ceramic art and a stunning water feature for rainwater collection.

Take-home idea: Designed with porches, patios, or rooftops in mind, urban dwellers can recreate the magic for playful, zen-like escapes intended to nourish the soul & body alike. 

Garden Designer:
HomeGrown Organics; Vashon, WA


With a focus on embracing joy, this longtime participant of NWFGF will incorporate soft lights, a water bubbler feature and planters either repurposed or found, all complemented by vibrant pink and red. Adding in a unique hanging plant chandelier, the ethos behind this garden is to work with your unique imagination and to focus on what personally brings you joy – then build your space around that emotion.

Take-home idea: Lean into your intuition and imagination to create a calm, relaxing space that brings you joy.

Garden Designer:
Lucinda Landscapes; Mountlake Terrace, WA

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Classic cottage gardens are back on the rise. If they’ve been in your daydreams, you’ll want to visit this display. Be inspired by colorful plants, fun, plenty of purple pots and whimsical elements. This long-time NWFGF participant brings excitement and tasteful vibrancy to their small-space garden, proving that you can create an outdoor escape to put a smile on your face daily – even on a balcony. 

Take-home idea: Learn how to play with color and insert a sense of whimsy to create a cottage-style garden.

Garden Designer:
Ma Petite Gardens; Snohomish, WA

Artful Living

Colorful fused glass windows frame this vibrant patio space providing privacy and creating an intimate space for reflection and relaxation. This intentionally accessible design aims to inspire viewers to play with color, texture and light to bring their outdoor space of any size to life. 

Take-home idea: Simple ideas and the inclusion of a few unique statement pieces can bring an outdoor space to life.


Garden Designer:
Mad Mosaics; La Conner, WA

Bienvenue au Printemps / Welcome to Spring

Import a sense of peace and charm with a French-inspired balcony to soothe the soul and provide a sense of respite. With drought tolerant & low maintenance Mediterranean plants housed in and alongside vintage urns, pottery, and aged terra cotta, this garden works with second-hand and natural materials for an overall calming effect and low-impact oasis to escape to.  

Take-home idea: Visitors can create a charming and eco-friendly escape for a French-inspired balcony oasis with low-maintenance plants and repurposed decor.


Garden Designer:
Natures Tapestry Landscapes LLC; Olympia, WA

Savvy City Living

Transform a small outdoor space where modern meets boho contemporary with a side of jungle energy. Using an overhead structure, Savvy Garden & Home creates a lush sanctuary with unique hanging baskets and plants among macramé, rattan, and string lights for an overall stylish effect. Visit this space to be inspired by a certified professional horticulturist and previous People’s Choice Award winner at the NWFGF.  

Take-home idea: Learn how to use pergolas and arbors to maximize space with relaxing greenery and earthy textures to create a sanctuary with a relaxing aesthetic.

Garden Designer:
Savvy Garden & Home; Arlington, WA

Coastal French Cottage

Inspired by antiques, French decor, coastal cottages and romance, this Alki beach-based shop and design company brings an essence of amor, opulence, boho chic and coastal France for your next romantic night in. Utilizing champagne buckets, artwork, cement features, a chandelier, garden urns serving as planters, lavender, greenery and white-scaped florals, see how Brocante Beach House sets the scene as pictured in the likes of World of Interiors and Flea Market Decor magazines. 

Take-home idea: Learn how to create the ultimate romantic date night atmosphere with vintage items and a container garden.

Garden Designer:
Brocante Beach House; Seattle, WA

Falling for Filtered Light

“Falling for Filtered Light” features the collaborative efforts of Megan Torrance, garden designer, and Tonya Gray, artist and painter for a whimsical collision of gardening and art. Plants featured are designed for partial sun and shade that thrive in containers and are at their best in spring. Interspersed are furnishings and artwork, including recycled fence board paintings. A patio designed for simple living surrounded by beauty. 

Take-home idea: Visit for inspiration to recreate an easily maintained outdoor gallery of potted plants and whimsical yet beautiful artwork for a refined, backyard escape.

Garden Designer:
Tonya Gray Art Works; Portland, OR

Bringing Wine Country to the City

Wine aficionados can bask in wine country vibes and recreate the magic of being at their favorite vineyard by incorporating barrels into their gardens and outdoor spaces. Reclaimed wine barrels are featured, showcasing their transformation into unique & interesting furniture, decor, and as containers for flowers and plants. 

Take-home idea: Visit to see how you can bring a little wine country into your outdoor space with custom handcrafted wine barrel furniture & decor. 

Garden Designer:
Woodinville Barrel; Woodinville, WA

Zonal Denial: A journey to Find your Gardens’ Microclimate

This Des Moines, WA. based retail nursery brings viewers on an adventure to determine their gardens’ microclimate. Whether your outdoor space is big or small, educating yourself about what foliage will be the happiest in your garden is key to success. Incorporating native plants and those that attract local birds and bugs will bring your space to life.

Take-home idea: Research and proper plant zoning will help your garden thrive.

Garden Designer:
Zenith Holland Nursery; Des Moines, WA

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