2022 City Living Displays

Staged on the garden floor will be inspirational patio gardens which will offer practical ideas and creativity for apartment and condo dwellers, or anyone with a limited space for outdoor living.

City Living demonstrates just how artistic container plantings can be. These 12ft x 8ft masterpieces incorporate intimate outdoor living spaces for relaxing and entertaining while incorporating vertical wall planters, bold plant combinations, lavish textural accents, cozy seating and even water features. These gardens are created by leading retail nurseries and landscape designers in the Pacific Northwest.

Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade

For those who love to entertain outdoors, you’ll love this trendy but classic “Modern Farmhouse” style space! The gorgeous wall planter saves precious floor space while still incorporating greenery – providing the opportunity to have both a garden and functional outdoor space.

Garden Designer:
Flourish Garden Coaching and Container Design; Lake Stevens, WA

Flowers, Always and Always

Paying homage to Claude Monet’s iconic garden, this display offers a classic floral setting contrasted by the bustling surrounding city. If you’re interested in a European aesthetic, Ma Petite Garden’s display is a must-see.

Garden Designer:
Ma Petite Gardens; Snohomish, WA

Artful Living

Looking to create an outdoor oasis in a small space? Look no further than Mad Mosaic's display decked out with ornate mosaic art and pieces from other local artists, plus stunning blooming tulips to provide a spring vibe.

Garden Designer:
Mad Mosaics; La Conner, WA

Here’s to Warm Climes and Brighter Times

This upbeat, vibrant display was created for people of all ages to enjoy. The mid-century modern inspired design features beautiful outdoor furniture, geometric planters and tasteful pops of color.

Garden Designer:
Nature's Tapestry Landscapes; Olympia, WA

Melodies of a Spring Picnic

Get excited for springtime and immerse yourself in a multitude of exotic plants and trees, decorated with terracotta planters, colorful accessories and stunning windchimes to entertain all your senses.

Garden Designer: Obsidian Windchimes; Portland, OR

The Living Workspace

This nature-inspired space is designed to help you relax and center yourself. Designed with a living wall, and even a living chandelier, this space transforms the ordinary workspace into a place where the mind can work, create and find peace all at the same time.

Garden Designer:
Rooted in Landscape, LLC; Redmond, WA

A Pacific Northwest Ode to Hygge

Scandinavia meets Seattle in this gorgeous, modern display designed to evoke a sense of coziness and comfort. This sanctuary is adorned with a fire pit and birch logs, sheepskin rugs, dainty string lights and more!

Garden Designer:
Sunrise Container Design; Seattle, WA

Patio Passion

Escape the PNW cold and slip away into this tropical-romance-inspired outdoor space complete with a fountain to add a dynamic visual element and a calming audio presence that shields your space from the interruptions of the world.

Garden Designer:
Zenith Holland Nursery; Des Moines, WA

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