2022 Display Gardens

Experience Greetings from Spring from Unique Display Gardens

Each year, Garden Creators from around the Pacific Northwest put their blood, sweat and tears into their display gardens. These incredible works of art, constructed in under 72 hours on the show floor, are central to what makes the Northwest Flower & Garden Festival a world-renowned experience of garden design and innovation.

This year’s Garden Creators will aim to evoke “Greeting from Spring” as festival-goers will be allowed closer to the gardens than ever before.

Thank you to our material sponsors - these gardens would not be possible without their contributions!

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Pacific Topsoils Inc

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This whimsical spring garden feels like entering a dream. Created for garden enthusiasts with an eye for the unusual, this garden features a central gazebo with a living roof. Below, find unique and rare plants nestled alongside locally made art, stonework and hardscaping. Constructed from salvaged metals by local Metal Artist Ray Hammar, look for the garden’s showpiece, expertly framed by custom water features.

In its first year with the festival, Crazy Hill Garden & Botanicals explores how gardening can be used as a creative escape. Utilizing reclaimed and repurposed materials, this garden is infused with fantastical elements inspiring attendees to throw caution to the wind when creating a cherished outdoor space.

Take-home ideas: Inspiration for incorporating art; plants and repurposed materials create a unique, dream-like garden.  


Garden Creator: Crazy Hill Garden & Botanicals, Belfair, WA

Crazy Hill


Immerse yourself in a majestic Pacific Northwest-inspired natural wonder. Elandan Gardens is back, this time with their most intricate display yet, their “dream garden.” Complete with aged stone walls, a peaceful pond and hand-selected foliage, this garden connects the soul to local flora that makes our region so magical.

This timeless garden is unique in so many ways, from the stone sculptures, highly evolved plants and sculpted trees, the display is sure to impress and inspire those looking to create their own sanctuary.

Take-home ideas: Maximizing a small garden space; mature plants make a huge statement in a small outdoor area.


Garden Creator: Elandan Gardens, ltd, Bremerton, WA

Elandan Gardens


Farmer Frog returns with a touching tribute to all those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This heartwarming display features several notable sections including a central Grandmother Cedar tree, a farm, school and hospital adorned with a wide array of flowers, water features, candles and seating areas.

Each section is inspired by a different aspect of hope and healing symbolizing the feeling of togetherness the pandemic brought to our community. Take a moment to relax and reflect in this healing space.

Take-home ideas: Recycling materials such as old bottles, wooden pallets, etc. to craft garden decor.


Garden Creator: Farmer Frog, Everett, WA

Farmer Frog


Envelop yourself in the cascading sights and smells of springtime with the Flower Growers of Puget Sound’s garden. Experience the seasonal delights of all the flowers our region has to offer, and re-imagine how floral displays interact to create living art. While the focal point of this garden is the flowers, don’t miss locally handmade art and elements of water that enhance and build upon the sensory experience of color and fragrance.

With over 20 years of experience at the Northwest Flower & Garden Festival, “Color it Springtime” is sure to blow you away. This garden wouldn’t be possible without the collective effort from flower growers and suppliers across the Pacific NW.

Take-home ideas: Use fragrance and color in new and unexpected ways; create a sensory experience in your garden.


Garden Creator: Flower Growers of Puget Sound, Redmond, WA



To ring in the new year and anticipation of the spring season, GMC Landscapes presents a stunning patio and surrounding garden featuring colorful plants, a covered patio and a bright pond. Combining classic and modern designs, the setting demonstrates a practical yet unique idea that could be customized to fit perfectly in backyards of all shapes and sizes.

Given the unpredictable weather of PNW winter and spring seasons, the covered patio exemplifies a fantastic option for protecting outdoor furniture, providing extra living space and allowing you to utilize your outdoor area year-round.

Take-home ideas: Incorporating a water feature into your garden design is a beautiful way to customize the space; evoking feelings of peace and relaxation.


Garden Creator: GMC Landscapes, Renton, WA

GMC Landscaping


Experience the Pacific Northwest’s most iconic plants that look stunning in gardens year-round. This trans-seasonal garden display features perennials, shrubs and trees showcased in beautiful containers provided by Great Plant Picks with descriptions of each elements’ outstanding qualities, growth habits, and culture. Take your garden knowledge to the next level and explore an attractive array of plants, perfect for any Pacific Northwest garden.

Elisabeth Miller Botanical Garden’s Great Plant Picks is an exceptional educational program that guides gardeners toward the right plants for their environment. Whether your goal is to use plants that require less water, attract and provide for pollinators, or to incorporate more native plants, this garden will show you options selected by professional horticulturalists from the PNW.

Take-home ideas: Blending bold foliage and different textures makes small garden spaces pop.


Garden Creator: Great Plant Picks / Elisabeth Miller Botanical Garden, Seattle, WA

Great Plant Picks


Experience how a nurtured landscape nurtures back with this holistic garden. The space welcomes you in, engaging with themes of shelter, biodiversity and solace alongside hardscaping, custom-designed furniture, planters and a birdbath. In their first year at the Northwest Flower & Garden Festival, Livingroom Landscape welcomes all levels of expertise to imagine how outdoor spaces can be transformed to cultivate well-being and connectedness.

Explore how a personal sanctuary with animal habitats, edible and medicinal plants, and colorful blooms lasting almost year-round can yield plant solutions for climate change and adverse weather patterns.

Take-home ideas: Utilize thoughtful gardening to create long-term prosperity, sanctuary and community.


Garden Creator: Livingroom Landscape, Carnation, WA

Livingroom Landscape


Experience outdoor living that transcends the wild Pacific Northwest seasons. The confluence of functional hardscape, a modern outdoor kitchen and flora galore allow for year-round outdoor entertaining, family events or a relaxing environment for morning coffee in this French and English garden party-inspired space.

Celebrating the collaboration of a fine hardscape foundation, coupled with creative plant selection consisting of native and ornamental varieties provides year-round interest and beauty in Method Hardscapes’ design. French / English evergreen topiary adorn the space complemented by soothing sounds from several water features and a handcrafted wood pavilion featuring reclaimed, old-growth cedar posts, copper rain gutters and a slate roof to protect from the elements.

Take-home ideas: Blend natural stone and fabricated concrete wall units to create a custom, organic-looking hardscape


Garden Creator: Method Hardscapes LLC, Duvall, WA

Method Landscaping


After two years of immense change in our world, Nature Perfect Inc. is celebrating the newfound flexibility many have to choose their work environment. Immerse yourself in their picturesque mountain setting and imagine peacefully working away at a cozy rustic desk as a small waterfall flows into the meadow below.

Now imagine that your dream – depicted in their display – can take shape in reality by creating your own garden oasis. Incorporate a water feature, bird and bee-friendly plants, and a solar-powered workspace to bring a bit of mountain magic to your yard.

Take-home ideas: Replicate the majestic beauty of the Northwest by scaling plants to mimic mountains or other natural features.


Garden Creator: Nature Perfect Landscape & Design, Tumwater, WA

Nature Perfect


Envision your backyard oasis with NW Green Panels’ custom-built greenhouse, including an edible vegetable garden, entertaining patio and custom outdoor kitchen. Designed to fit into most homeowners’ yards, this 300 sq. ft greenhouse display serves dual purposes. Envision your yard transforming into a lively and relaxing living space for both yourself and guests, while also enjoying greater control over the food you eat.

This inspiring garden display showcases how spaces of any size can be both practical and relaxing, as a part of the emerging trend of growing one's own produce -- even in an urban setting.

Take-home ideas: Inspiration for creating functional garden retreats and integrating the culture of home vegetable gardening back into our lives.


Garden Creator: NW Green Panels, Terrebonne, OR

NW Green Panels


Embrace the fairytale feeling you get when peeking into the Northwest Orchid Society’s classic English-style greenhouse, surrounded by a European-inspired cobblestone wall that creates beautiful planting areas and land contour changes. Surrounding the greenhouse, you’ll find a manicured lawn area complete with specially selected trees, plants, stones and shrubs to complement the stars of the display – show-stopping, blooming orchids of various species.

This stunning garden showcases how a variety of landscape and hardscape elements can intertwine to create a unique and personalized outdoor space.

Take-home ideas: Inspiration for designing and building a greenhouse, and using stone for planting area containment and as a visual accent.


Garden Creator: Northwest Orchid Society, Seattle, WA



Embrace the staycation trend and source at home get-away inspiration from Pacific Landscaping’s sensory-engaging gathering space. Plantings in the garden include different textures, fragrances and colors to engage all senses and draw in pollinators – bringing softly buzzing life to a peaceful garden escape.

A paver patio, small water feature and soft lighting encourage the intimate feeling of this personal paradise that can be tailored to fit any size landscape.

Take-home ideas: Gather practical inspiration; incorporate foliage with a variety of textures, sizes and smells to activate sensory stimulation.


Garden Creator: Pacific Landscaping, Inc., Seattle, WA

Pacific Landscaping


Take a moment of silence to reflect in this tranquil garden. Named after the Japanese term for forest bathing, this serene display centers around a large and old ekianthus, water features and several bonsai. Destress and listen to the sounds of the stream or enjoy natural reflections in the pond while gazing at the expertly pruned bonsai set in stones and lava rocks.

The “Shinrin Yoku” garden seeks to inspire homeowners to imagine how their spaces can be transformed into private and peaceful sanctuaries. Those seeking relief from day-to-day stressors can benefit from the principles of forest bathing personified in this display, and explore how connecting with nature eases the mind and refreshes the soul.

Take-home ideas: Design a relaxing sanctuary by creating an impactful garden in any size space.


Garden Creator: Redwood Builders LLC, Landscaping, Maple Valley, WA

Redwood Builders


Urban Earth Nursery presents a whimsical, slightly futuristic, yet practical space featuring an abundance of stunning, edible plants. These unique perennial edibles provide a joyful, spring energy, perfect for those looking to grow their own produce while maintaining a beautiful aesthetic. Just be sure to admire this display with your eyes instead of your tastebuds!

This garden exemplifies how to transform an existing space into a bountiful garden packed with beautiful, nutritious plants to sustain the gardener and support the planet with responsible urban farming practices.

Take-home ideas: Incorporate edible plants into your garden without it feeling farm-like or structural.


Garden Creator: Urban Earth Nursery, Seattle, WA

Livingroom Landscape