Wild Garden Visitors

Wild Garden Visitors

The wildlife are here in the Northwest and in our gardens whether we like it or not. In my area, it is elk-a very large herd hangs out courtesy @gaiantarotacross the street. We also have a ton of rabbits here and our town is somewhat “known” for this. In some areas, the issue is deer.

They really are beautiful, and yes, we built homes and gardens on their stomping grounds. They don’t ruin our foliage on purpose-they are simply looking for food. And of course, when there is snow on the ground it is a bit harder for them to find food-this is why they sometimes wander out of their usual areas. Of course, their messes can also be an inconvenience (elk poo is the worst!) as well for gardeners.

Have you seen the winter birds? They are adorable. We have little Black-capped Chickadees here (we fondly call them “Cheeseburgers” because we think their call sounds like they are saying that) and once in awhile, there is a whole flock on the snow and it is a really beautiful sight. Sadly, we also have several of them flying into our windows even when I keep the shades down. So far, they just seem stunned and not seriously injured (crossing fingers!) but I am wondering about hanging some shiny things that move around in front of some windows to see if it helps.

I invite you to remember the beauty and necessity of our wildlife even when they visit our yards and gardens. We humans truly have invaded their space, and even though we need places to live, they are impacted by this.

If you wish to keep them out, use humane measures like fencing. And when they are nearby, allow them their space and respect the creatures that share our world.

Thanks to @gaiantarot for sharing the picture her garden visitor!

  • Lelo
    Posted at 14:25h, 21 December Reply

    What a beautiful photo: magic! And thank you for the post. I love watching the birds (and making sure we’re feeding them) during this crazy snow and ice storm we’re in the middle of. Though I am worried about the pair of hummingbirds I saw just 4 days ago.

  • Flora
    Posted at 16:11h, 24 December Reply

    Thanks for feeding your critters! I think the birds needed food here, too.

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