White Wine & Food Part 2

White Wine & Food Part 2


There are of course other white wines available that we have not covered. And to further confuse you, some are even blends of what we have already talked about.

Edelzwicker– This is a blend of several varieties like Riesling and Traminer. It is a simple wine which is dry and best drunk young. Pair this wine with fish and cheese. 

Loire Valley Chenin– Refined and somewhat expensive but worth the buck, from what I hear. Has a taste of freshly chopped apples and limes with a hint of walnut and honey.

Frascati– A light, fruity, unpretentious white wine that comes from the hills near Rome in Central Italy. Suggested food pairings include seafood cocktail. Frascati Secco works well with spaghetti carbonara.

Fiano di Avellino– Italian white wine based on the Fiano grape in Avellino. Pair with  seafood, pizza and pasta.

Icewine/Eiswein– A concentrated acidic nectar from choosing frozen grapes in the winter. Great wine to pair with Foie Gras and desserts.

Sancerre– Of the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety (red and rosé Sancerres also exist). Tastes of citrus fruits, gooseberries, gunflint, herbs, and smoke. Pair with  sardines, sea bass, sushi and fettucine alfredo.

Soave– Light white wine from northern Italy. Soave quality varies. For a higher quality, try a Soave Classico. Pair with bass, fried fish, and boiled shrimp.

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