What’s So Big About Bamboo?

What’s So Big About Bamboo?

Bamboo ForestBamboo is all the craze. Have you noticed? The kids and I were visiting in Portland this past week and went to the Oregon Zoo. SO fun. (By the way, they have Hoyt Arboretum next to the zoo which I will also be visiting as soon as possible)

In between watching the animals and my six-year-old, who was literally bouncing from one exhibit to the next with his mouth wide open, I noticed an ongoing theme: bamboo of all shapes and sizes, with some of the widest stalk that I have ever seen. And I about passed out with joy when I saw the huge tropical plants in the bird area but that is another post.

Did you know there are about 2,000 types of bamboo? Whoa. Some is strong enough to build houses from and much of it is also edible. Although some people avoid it, as it likes to spread, a controlled display of bamboo can add much to the flavor of any landscape.

Here are some unique facts about bamboo:

  1. Flowering proceeds death.
  2. If bamboo is dehydrated, the leaves will curl up tightly.
  3. It’s a grass and loves nitrogen.
  4. It spreads by rhizome and is limited by its physical surroundings.
  5. The best control of spread is root pruning.
  6. It will fill up allotted space and become congested in 4-7 years.
  7. Watering 2-3 times a week is important, although some varieties are more drought-resistant than others.

I’m ready to try out a few-how about you?

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