What Nourishes Your Soil? – #nwfgs Feature Blog

At some point today, if you haven’t already, you’ll make a valuable contribution to something much bigger than yourself.

What Nourishes Your Soil? – #nwfgs Feature Blog

The top few inches of our planet are home to millions of species and almost 95% of our food. It’s essential to know and maintain the health of your soil, especially in your own yard.

That’s where GroCo compost made with Loop® comes in. GroCo compost made with Loop® is a local classic that has enriched Pacific Northwest landscapes since 1976. It’s recycled right here in Washington – ingredients originating as waste are made into valuable resources at King County’s wastewater treatment plants. As water is cleaned, endlessly renewable resources are recovered: Loop biosolids, biogas, and recycled water.

Gardener and soil scientist Kate Kurtz discusses why she chooses GroCo compost made with Loop® biosolids in her home vegetable garden, and explains how you contribute every day to this endlessly renewable resource:

GroCo compost is simply made with Loop biosolids and sawdust from local mills. With a full suite of nutrients and loads of organic matter, compost made with Loop is a product that improves our soils and reflects the recycling ethic of our region. By using 100% of Loop as a fertilizer, over 42,000 tons of CO2 equivalents are offset each year. That’s like taking over 8,000 cars off the road!

For more information on how to turn your dirt around with Loop, visit LoopForYourSoil.com.

Want to give GroCo compost a try in your own garden? Stop by the Loop booth #2412 at the 2017 Northwest Flower & Garden Show for a FREE SAMPLE!

Loop’s exhibitor display at the 2016 Northwest Flower & Garden Show won “Outstanding Educational Display.” Stop by booth #2412 this year to pick up your free sample!
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