These Seminars Will Leave You Buzzing

These Seminars Will Leave You Buzzing


 Help preserve our vital bee populations 

Bees are a critical source of pollination for our nation’s fruit trees, vegetables and flowers. And their decline is at a critical stage. So what can you do as a home gardener to help? Find out how – and how much fun it is – to keep both honeybees and Mason bees at home.

Bee experts Corky Luster, owner of Ballard Bees, and Garden Mentor Robin Haglund will give you the scoop on honeybees. And Jim Ullrich, owner of Wild Birds Unlimited in Gig Harbor, knows a thing or two about the birds and the bees.

To discover more great seminars, buzz on over to our website. With over 100 seminars in five days, it’s the largest roster of gardening seminars of any garden show in the world! There’s something for everyone, from beginning gardeners to seasoned veterans. I hope to see you there. ~ Janet

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