City Living

Staged on the Convention Center’s Skybridge spanning Pike Street far below, 10 delightful patio gardens offer lots of practical ideas and inspiration, especially for apartment and condo dwellers, or anyone with a limited space for outdoor living.

City Living demonstrates just how creative container plantings can be in a small space. These 6ft. x 12ft. masterpieces incorporate intimate outdoor living spaces for relaxing and entertaining. The patio gardens demonstrate creative ways to use space, incorporating vertical wall planters, bold plant combinations, lavish textural accents, cozy seating and even water features using the natural sounds of water to mask the cacophony of city noise. These gardens are created by leading retail nurseries and landscape designers in the Pacific Northwest.

2017 City Living

Below are a list of companies and individuals who will be partaking in the City Living competition at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show.

Food for the Soul – A Garden of Tranquility

Bonsai Akira

Portland, OR

Designed by:
Lucy Davenport
(503) 720-3113

Tasty Garden to Table

Country Garden Antiques

Wapato, WA

Designed by:
Pat Erickson
(509) 961-5255


My Peaceful Place

Essence of the Tree

Potter Valley, CA

Designed by:
Patricia Smyth
(707) 743-1633


Potsa Primavera!

Ma Petite Gardens

Snohomish, WA

Designed by:
Dee Montpetit
(425) 208-6515

Farm to Table, Table to Soul

Natures Tapestry Landscapes LLC/Tapestry Garden and Farm

Olympia, WA

Designed by:
Tracey L. Kosenski
(360) 515-0318

Rain Water Harvesting

Rain Dog Designs LLC

Gig Harbor, WA

Designed by:
Marilyn Jacobs & David Hymel
(253) 459-3539

Food for Thought

Rocky Bay Garden Creations

Gig Harbor, WA

Designed by:
Patricia Ruff
(360) 440-0882

La Dolce Vita “The Sweet Life”

Sky Nursery

Shoreline, WA

Designed by:
Jill Nunemaker and Nick Wishaar
(206) 546-4851


Micro Garden – A Modular Urban Apartment Garden

SZH Urban Design

Seattle, WA

Designed by:
Shoshanah Haberman
(202) 222-8639

Wild by Design: Setting the Table for Habitat

Vireo Design Studio, LLC

Seattle, WA

National Wildlife Federation

(206) 577-7175

Groundswell Northwest


Designed by:
Vireo Design Studio
(206) 409-9970


Do you think you have what it takes to participate in the City Living or Floral Competition at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show? Click on one of the buttons below to apply online today! If you have application questions, please contact us at 253-238-3807.