The Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

The Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Roast those pumpkin seeds! Did you know that pumpkin seeds are not only fun and yummy, but good for your health? Karen Roth, MS, NC is a graduate of Hawthorn University’s Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition training program and recently shared some valuable information in a video posted on Holistic Option. Among the key ingredients of pumpkin seeds are protein, healthy fats and zinc. Did you know that if you get colds frequently or have an impaired sense of taste or smell that you might be low in zinc? I had no idea! Watch Roth’s video to learn more.

We roast seeds every year. My kids consider it a tradition and don’t let me forget. They like them the best freshly roasted but I seal them in a bowl with a tight lid and munch on them for much longer. I enjoy other protein sources besides cheese, meat and eggs!

I normally roast mine at 250-350 degrees or even broil them but Roth recommends roasting them at 160 degrees to protect the healthy fats. So I will turn the oven down this year.

My recipe:

  • Separate the seeds from the muck. This is the most challenging part of the process.
  • Rinse them well. If you want to wait until the next day to roast them, they keep well in a bowl of water and it also helps separate more muck from the seeds.
  • Use a non-stick cooking spray or a little healthy olive oil on your flat pan before placing seeds on it.
  • Stir them up to coat with the oil.
  • Add salt (another variation we like is garlic salt).
  • Roast at 160 degrees.
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