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Rizaniño “Riz” Reyes

Owner, RHR Horticulture & Landwave Gardens and landscape manager, McMenamins

An early curiosity about fruits and flowers turned a young boy from the Philippines into an award-winning garden and floral designer in the Pacific Northwest. Riz Reyes’ true interest in gardening began as a seven-year-old watching public television to learn English and gaining an appreciation for the natural world where the art and science of growing plants captivated him. Immigrating to the US, he was exposed to an environment that unveiled an overwhelming diversity of plants he felt compelled to learn about and grow on his own. This led him to start a small specialty nursery, get involved with various horticultural organizations around the country and then a BS in environmental horticulture from the University of Washington. Riz currently works as gardens manager for McMenamin’s Anderson School in Bothell, WA and continues to runs his own horticultural enterprise called RHR Horticulture.

GARDEN 101: The Stars of Summer Gardens

Lilies: The Queen of Fragrant Summer Flowering Bulbs

Ah, summer. It will be here before we know it, along with the peak of blooms in our gardens. If you don’t have lilies, roses and Clematis in your garden, discover some of the best varieties you’ll surely want to grow. Horticulturist Riz Reyes shares lavish lilies that allow you to have lilies blooming in your garden all summer long. “Clemaniac” Laura Watson will showcase the splendor of clematis and their amazing variety in color, shape, bloom time, and growth habit. And author Nita-Jo Rountree shows how to incorporate disease-free roses that are a delight for the senses, along with ideas for beautiful companion plants. Take their advice and add these summer stars to your garden. And of course, they all look wonderful in bouquets!

Friday, Feb 9 at 2:15 pm / Rainier Room