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Nicholas Staddon

Horticulture Consultant, former Director of New Plants for Monrovia Growers

Unabashed plant geek Nicholas Staddon served as the Director of New Plants and national spokesperson for Monrovia Growers for over 27 years. Working with professional plant breeders, hybridizers, and explorers, he scoured the globe for new discoveries in the plant world. Currently he is a Horticultural Consultant working with nursery growers and their new plant and marketing programs. Nicholas continues to be a sought out resource and guest for television and radio gardening shows across the U.S., and also works closely with professional garden communicators, providing information on plants both old and new. Born in England, Nicholas attended Otley Agricultural College, dividing his time between farm and school and receiving his accreditations in Agricultural Sciences. Nicholas is proud to be professionally affiliated with the Royal Horticulture Society, the California Association of Nurserymen, and AmericanHort. He serves on the Board of Advisors of The Mediterranean Garden Society Southern California, and Mount San Antonio Community College, Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences and Cal-HIP, California Horticultural Invasives Prevention.

Shop with a Pro: Nick’s Plant Picks from the Garden Show’s Plant Market

What are the hot new plants for the coming year? Join horticulturist and plant geek Nicholas Staddon as he shares some of his favorite new and recent plant introductions, conifers, woody ornamentals, perennials and more. Many of these plants will also provide solutions in those problem garden areas. Get detailed plant information as well as coaching on how to use these plants in the garden. Nicholas makes your plant shopping easy!

Wednesday, Feb 22 at 3:15 pm / DIY Stage

Lasting Legacy: New and Recent Plant Introductions That Stay the Course

Well-seasoned and novice gardeners have one thing in common: an unquenchable thirst for new plants. Many new plant introductions are due to the efforts of plant breeders and explorers who spent countless hours seeking and studying new plants. Join passionate plantsman Nicholas Staddon as he shares a host of new and recent plant introductions that will stay the course. Learn detailed plant information as well as tips on how to best use these plants.

Thursday, Feb 23 at 5:00 pm / DIY Stage