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Joe Grienauer

Orchid expert and owner, Emerald City Orchids and 2016 NWFGS Garden Co-creator

Joe Grienauer established Emerald City Orchids in 2008 in Seattle, WA. He learned the skill of growing orchids while working at Baron’s Orchids in Morro Bay, CA after earning a BA in Comparative Literature from the University of Washington. He is an avid reader on the subject of orchids and enjoys spending as much time as possible in the Emerald City Orchids greenhouse. He was part of the team that annually designs and builds the Northwest Orchid Society’s show garden, which in 2015 won a Gold medal for “Lettre d’Amorchid.” Sorry single ladies and gentlemen, he’s married. For the 2016 NWFGS, Joe co-designed “Orchid Eruption: Honoring Volcanoes National Park” for the Northwest Orchid Society.

Visit Emerald City Orchids, booth #2328 in the Plant Market, at this year’s show.


Orchids: Learn to Grow a National Treasure

Back by popular demand, Joe is going to help you get Orchids that you treasure with this great hands-on demonstration – and all new jokes! Bring your questions! He’ll cover basic orchid background, basic orchid care, fertilization, and pest and disease control. He’ll talk about greenhouse vs. window vs. artificial light growing techniques, how to initiate flowers on a healthy plant, and which orchids are best for newbies. He’ll also demonstrate the all-important repotting of an orchid.

Wednesday, Feb 17 at 10:00 am / DIY Stage