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EagleSong Evans Gardener

Owner, herbalist and educator, RavenCroft Garden

EagleSong Evans Gardener, herbalist, gardener and human being with 67 years practice. Eaglesong is the founder and herbalist of Ravencroft Garden in Monroe. She also designed & implemented “Healing From the Ground Up,” America’s first Community-Centered Herbalist (CCH) Training at RavenCroft Garden. She is currently crafting an online course for CCH to be launched in 2018. She holds a Healing and Therapeutic Garden Design Certificate from the University of Washington, and has taken courses at both EdCC and LWTC horticulture programs. Herbs, gardens and teaching are three threads that weave her journey together. Most of her life, she asked herself in any given challenge or circumstance, “what would nature do?” An exploration into personal story and a template that has served her well through garden tending, child rearing, fire storms, and other more common catastrophes. After four decades, EagleSong’s relaxed, informal teaching style connecting people, plants and the earth continues to engage, educate and entertain audiences across the nation. Her Motto: Life is short! Go Outside and Play!

Hedges & Edges: Living Fences that Work

“Good fences do good neighbors make!” Robert Frost knew the necessity and value of a good fence. A living fence that works bringing neighbors together, producing food and habitat for human and animal alike, adds wealth and beauty to any neighborhood. In this seminar you will discover which plants make successful hedges, the different kinds of hedges and the value and ROI of each one, and how to maintain a hedge for a long and vital working life at minimal expense.

Sunday, Feb 11 at 4:30 pm / Rainier Room