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Christian Bédard

Research Director for Weeks Roses

Christian Bédard grew up in Quebec City, Canada, where as a young child he was exposed to gardening by his parents and grandparents. Soon he was “managing” the family garden, and as a teenager, he started his professional career by working in a garden center. Influenced by Dr. Felicitas Svejda, who developed the Explorer Roses, Christian decided to become a rose breeder. He accomplished his dream after obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Master’s Degree in Biological Sciences (Plant Genetics) from the University of Montréal. Prior to his employment at Weeks Roses, Christian worked for four years at Agriculture Canada where he developed extensive expertise in the improvement of winter hardy roses. Since 2012 Christian has serves as the Research Director & Licensing Manager for Weeks Roses. Christian is passionate about his rose research and breeding work and a knowledgeable speaker about rose care and culture. He has also been actively promoting roses in the French Canadian market by writing for several publications, and he has been interviewed on many radio stations and TV shows. He is proficient in English and French. Under Christian’s direction, each year about 40-45,000 rose flowers are hand-pollinated at Weeks Roses Research Center in Pomona, California, to produce around 250,000 seeds. Private trials are conducted in Tennessee, Washington, New York, Ohio and California. In these locations the seedlings are thoroughly tested and based on Christian’s observations, the final selections are methodically and carefully made. To date, Christian has created 38 new varieties of hybrid roses. Some of his recent introductions include: Doris Day (2015), Take It Easy (2015), Top of the World (2015); Miss Congeniality (2016), Pretty Lady Rose (2016), Smokin’ Hot (2016), Sunshine Happy Trails (2016); Cupid’s Kisses (2017), Easy To Please (2017), Edith’s Darling (2017), Violet’s Pride (2017) and Top Gun (2018).

8 Tips to Growing Great Roses in the Pacific Northwest

Growing roses is easier than most gardeners think—especially when you know the 8 tips for rose-growing success. In this seminar, Christian Bédard, research director for Weeks Roses, will share his professional tips for growing healthy roses that will be the envy of the neighborhood. From choosing the right roses and selecting the right spot for them, to planting tips, fertilizing, watering and pruning, Christian’s tips will have your roses blooming beautifully this summer!

Wednesday, Feb 7 at 6:45 pm / Hood Room