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Carey Thornton

Adult Education Coordinator, Seattle Tilth

Carey Thornton teaches classes and workshops in Seattle Tilth’s Adult Education Program on topics including organic gardening, composting, food preservation and permaculture. You can often find her at the learning garden at Bradner Gardens Park and answering questions on the Garden Hotline. Carey grew up in a family where incredible amounts of food were central to every gathering and developed a strong love for growing, cooking and sharing food with others. Before coming to work at Seattle Tilth in 2008, she taught gardening and nutrition in elementary schools and cooked in restaurants around Seattle. Currently, the most exciting things to her are wild and perennial food plants, vegetable fermentation and watching actinomycetes grow in compost piles. Her motto is “Better living through microbes!”

Herbal Infusions and Medicinal Salves from the Garden

Learn how to infuse garden herbs into vinegars, syrups and oils for medicinal and culinary uses, and how to use them in homemade healing salves. Carey will cover herb identification, harvesting, and varieties of plants to grow, and discuss the beneficial and healing properties of different herbs, oils and waxes you can use for salves. She will also demonstrate mixing and pouring a healing medicinal salve. Plus you’ll get lots of recipes to try at home.

Friday, Feb 24 at 1:30 pm / DIY Stage

Preserving the Harvest: Make Homemade Pickles

Learn how to make pickles beyond your ‘garden variety’ cucumber dills. Carey will cover the basics of food safety with different pickling methods and how to make easy refrigerator pickles. She will also discuss canning quick-packed pickles and fermenting old-world style sour pickles. You will see the ingredients and equipment required for different preservation methods so you can try them at home. Plus get tips on flavoring your homemade pickles with herbs and spices that you grow yourself.

Saturday, Feb 25 at 3:15 pm / DIY Stage