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Rainier Room

(All seminars 60 minutes unless noted)

11:00 AM

100% Success with Your New Vegetable Garden

Bill Thorness - Author, Cool Season Gardener and Edible Heirlooms and Master Gardener

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12:30 PM

The Regenerative Garden: Small Scale Permaculture for the Home Garden

Stephanie Rose - Award-winning author, The Regenerative Garden, Garden Made and Garden Alchemy and founder of 

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2:00 PM

(90 min)


The Joy of Attracting Birds to your Garden

Daphne Legg - Bird enthusiast and award-winning store manager, Wild Birds Unlimited

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Learn How to Successfully Host Mason Bees

Thyra McKelvie - Pollinator Program manager at Rent Mason Bees

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(Not So) Scary Garden Wildlife

David Mizejewski - Naturalist at National Wildlife Federation and author, Attracting Birds, Butterflies and Other Backyard Wildlife

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4:00 PM

Raised Bed Gardens: Keeping Your Veggies—And Your Family—Healthy

Linda Chalker-Scott, PhD - WSU Horticulture Professor and author, How Plants Work and The Informed Gardener

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Hood Room

(All seminars 60 minutes)

10:30 AM

The Three Basic Pruning Cuts (and How to Use Them)

Allen Taylor - Award-winning founder and lead arborist, Conservation Tree Care

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12:00 PM

Spring Edible Garden Planning for Small Spaces

Christy Wilhelmi - Award-winning blogger, Gardenerd and author, Gardening for Geeks and Grow Your Own Mini Fruit Garden

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1:30 PM

Gardeners vs the Apocalypse: 10 Ways Your Garden Can Fend Off the End of the World

Greg Butler, BLA, ATA - Designer, educator, and owner of Design of the Times

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3:00 PM

Why Every Garden Needs Conifers

John J Albers, PHD - Creator of Albers Marcovina Vista Gardens, and author, Growing Conifers: The Complete Gardening and Landscaping Guide 

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4:30 PM

Great Plant Picks: Fabulously Fragrant Garden Plants

Richie Steffen - Executive Director, Elisabeth C. Miller Botanical Garden and co-author, Plant Lover’s Guide to Ferns

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DIY Stage

(All seminars 60 minutes)

10:00 AM

Growing Anemones, Ranunculus, Peonies and Dahlias

Anne Long - Owner, The Dahlia House, Skagit Valley

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11:45 AM

Training Young Trees for Future Health and Beauty

Christina Pfeiffer - Horticulture consultant and educator, ISA certified arborist and co-author, Pacific Northwest Gardening Month-by-Month

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1:30 PM

Grow–Harvest–Preserve: Getting the Best from Your Herb Garden

Sue Goetz, CPH, EcoPro - Owner, Creative Gardener and author, Complete Container Herb Gardening and A Taste for Herbs

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3:15 PM

Be the Boss of Your Bareroots and Bulbs: Learn Planting Tips and Techniques

Sean and Allison McManus - Co-owners of Spoken Garden, co-authors of The First-time Gardener: Growing Plants and Flowers, and YouTube channel hosts

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