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Rainier Room

(All seminars 60 minutes unless noted)

10:00 AM

Hydrangea Happiness, Hydrangea Hysteria

C.L. Fornari - Author, Coffee for Roses and The Cocktail Garden Hour and award-winning co-host, Plantrama Podcast


11:30 AM

What Your Food Ate: The Roots to Human Health Begin in the Soil

Anne Biklé  - Biologist, science writer and co-author, What Your Food Ate and The Hidden Half of Nature

David R Montgomery, PhD - Award-winning University of Washington professor and co-author, What Your Food Ate and The Hidden Half of Nature


1:00 PM

Garden Alchemy: Soil Building, Compost, and Pest Management Using the Power of Plants!

Stephanie Rose - Award-winning author, The Regenerative Garden, Garden Made and Garden Alchemy and founder of 


2:30 PM

(90 mins)


What’s for Dinner? Dealing with Unwanted Critters in the Garden

Susan Mulvihill - Author, The Vegetable Garden Problem Solver Handbook and Vegetable Garden Pest Handbook, Spokesman Review garden columnist


3:00 PM

Unboxing The Edible Garden: How to Grow Outside the Lines

Kelly Smith Trimble - Editor, writer and author, The Creative Vegetable Gardener and Vegetable Gardening Wisdom


3:30 PM

Layering Succession in the Food Garden

Meg McAndrews Cowden - Author, Plant Grow Harvest Repeat and founder, The Modern Garden Guild


4:30 PM

The Good, The Bad, and Why the @#$%&!?! Did I Plant That?

Ciscoe Morris - Radio, TV host, columnist & best-selling author, Ask Ciscoe and Oh, La La!


6:00 PM

Saving Nature One Yard at a Time

David Deardorff, PhD - Award-winning co-author, Saving Nature: One Yard at a Time and What’s Wrong With My Houseplant?


Hood Room

(All seminars 60 minutes)

9:30 AM

Power Couples: Perennial Pairings for Jaw-Dropping Gardens and Containers

Deborah Trickett - Award-winning container designer and owner, The Captured Garden


10:45 AM

Foraging 101: Discover the Bounty of Nature’s Pantry

Ellen Zachos - Award-winning co-host, Plantrama Podcast, and author, The Forager’s Pantry, Backyard Foraging and The Wildcrafted Cocktail


12:00 PM

Layering for a Dynamic and Beautiful Garden

Laura Watson - Award-winning speaker, garden designer and author of 4 gardening books, including The Right-Size Flower Garden


1:15 PM

A Case for Trees: A Positive Solution to the Negative Effects of Climate Change

Dan Lambe - Award-winning Chief Executive of the Arbor Day Foundation


2:45 PM

Flower Garden Inspiration

Jenny Rose Carey - Garden writer, photographer, and author, The Ultimate Flower Gardener’s Guide and Glorious Shade


4:00 PM

Water-Savvy Garden Design

Karen Chapman - Owner, Le Jardinet, award-winning co-author, Fine Foliage, Gardening with Foliage First and author, Deer-Resistant Design


5:15 PM

Composting for a Bountiful Garden and Planet

Christy Wilhelmi - Award-winning blogger, Gardenerd and author, Gardening for Geeks and Grow Your Own Mini Fruit Garden


6:30 PM

Attracting Birds, Butterflies and Other Backyard Wildlife

David Mizejewski - Naturalist at National Wildlife Federation and author, Attracting Birds, Butterflies and Other Backyard Wildlife


DIY Stage

(All seminars 60 minutes)

10:00 AM

The Language of Flowers: Gifts from the Garden

Teresa Sabankaya - Author of The Posy Book 


11:45 AM

Developing an Orchard Mason Bee Habitat in our Urban Landscape

James Ullrich - Owner, Knox Cellars Mason Bees


1:30 PM

Get Free Plants When You Propagate Like the Pros!

Charlie Nardozzi - Regional Emmy award-winning radio, TV host and author, Gardening Complete and No-Dig Gardening


3:15 PM

Light, Water, Action! How to Grow Beautiful Houseplants

Susan Maki - Designer, buyer, and houseplant merchandise manager for Squak Mountain Nursery