Seminar Spotlight: Design Ideas for Every Garden

Seminar Spotlight: Design Ideas for Every Garden

Steve Aitken – 2012 Show Judge & Editor, Fine Gardening magazine
Steve Aitken is editor of Fine Gardening, a magazine devoted to making its readers better gardeners. He spends much of his time talking with and visiting horticulturists and avid gardeners around the country. The knowledge he gains from these activities not only helps the magazine, but also provides solutions to the everyday challenges he faces in his own garden. He has written articles for Fine Gardening on topics ranging from drip irrigation to building twig structures. A Master Gardener, Steve is currently carving out beds and borders around his Connecticut home, where he lives with his wife and children.


Why Doesn’t My Garden Look Like That?
10 Questions to Ask About Your Garden’s Design
Wed, Feb 8 at 1 pm / Rainier Room
We have all been in and seen photos of gorgeous gardens that leave us in awe and make us wonder, “Why can’t my garden look like that?” It would be wonderful if there were a one-size-fits-all solution to garden design, but every space and every gardener is unique. Drawing on personal experience as well as his work with outstanding gardeners and designers from around the U. S., Steve Aitken, Editor of Fine Gardening, will present a series of questions to ask when considering how to improve your garden. Whether your area is sunny or shady, sloped or flat, large or small, these questions will address fundamental design issues, which, if addressed can greatly enhance a garden’s form.

Would you like VIP Seats to Steve’s seminar? Just visit the Subaru garden on the skybridge and ask how you can be one of four people to have reserved, front-row seating.


Stephen Orr – 2012 Show Judge & Editorial Director for Gardening: Martha Stewart Living
As the Editorial Director for Gardening for Martha Stewart Living, Stephen Orr writes about extraordinary gardens and the people who make them. Prior to that he was the garden editor at House & Garden and Domino magazines, and has written extensively for The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal and been a regularly featured gardening expert on “The CBS Early Show” and “The Today Show.” He is the author of Tomorrow’s Garden: Design and Inspiration for a New Age of Sustainable Gardening (Rodale Press, 2011). With a keen eye for aesthetics matched by a strong concern for the environment, Stephen has developed a sense of what a modern garden should be: small, visually pleasing, and responsible.


Designing Tomorrow’s Gardens Today
Garden Sustainably Without Sacrificing Beauty
Wed, Feb 8 at 10 am / Rainier Room


Responsible Gardening
Reimagining the Definition of a Modern Garden
Thurs, Feb 10 at 2:30 pm / Rainier Room



Jamie Durie – Author & TV host, “The Outdoor Room”
Jamie Durie is a horticulturalist and landscape designer and founder and Director of the international award-winning company DURIE DESIGN (PATIO Landscape Architecture & Design). He is a television host and producer, the author of 8 best-selling titles on his design work, including Outside (Harper Collins, 2008), The Outdoor Room (Allen & Unwin, 2007), PATIO – Garden Design & Inspiration (Allen & Unwin, 2006), and Inspired: The Ideas that Shape & Create My Design (Collins Design, 2006) and also has a line of Outdoor Living & Lifestyle products, ‘PATIO by Jamie Durie’. One of Australia’s most recognizable talents, Jamie has hosted many of Australia’s top-rated television programs, including “The Outdoor Room”, “Australia’s Best Backyards”, and “Backyard Blitz” — for which he received the Logie award for ‘Most Popular Male Talent’. In the U.S. Jamie’s new show, “The Outdoor Room”, launched on HGTV in 2010. He also hosted the dynamic design makeover show “HGTV Showdown”, as well as “The Victory Garden”, which airs on PBS, and appeared regularly on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”


The Human Garden
Enhance Your Garden Enjoyment with Outdoor Rooms
Wed, Feb 8 at 2:30 pm / Rainier Room
Gardens of today are meant to be lived in, not just looked at. Contemporary outdoor rooms are interactive and provide you and your family well being and a sense of connection. Join acclaimed author and TV host Jamie Durie as he shows you how to plan a well-designed space that will add value to your property, enhance your lifestyle and become a favorite family gathering place for years to come.



Billy Goodnick – Designer, writer, blogger, aka “Garden Wise Guy”
At five years old, Brooklyn-born Billy Goodnick became obsessed with drumming. Twenty years later, after a successful career in recording studios and concert halls, he discovered the exquisite art of bonsai, his gateway drug to a life of horticulture. Billy laid down his sticks, headed to school, and got his hands dirty in nurseries, at the drafting table, and on landscape crews. Realizing the limitations of a two-year horticulture degree, he completed his education in landscape architecture, aced his licensing exam, and landed a totally sweet gig as landscape architect for Santa Barbara, CA, where he stayed for 22 years. Meanwhile, Billy developed a wildly popular adult education class demystifying the art and science of creating beautiful, useful, sustainable garden designs. Late one night, he logged on to Google and launched an informative, frequently hilarious blog that caught the eye of local magazines and websites. Voila! Billy is now a contributing editor writing his “Design Workshop” column in each issue of the magazine.


Design Like A Pro
Create Any Style Garden Using Locally Appropriate Plants
Thurs, Feb 9 at 5:30 pm / Rainier Room
What defines a garden style? Design and garden writer Billy Goodnick takes you through the basic steps to get your garden started off on the right steps. From selecting the right style of garden for your home, to the core principles of design and sustainable gardening, and his fool-proof plan for plant selection, Billy will get you excited about designing like a pro to create the garden of your dreams.



Rebecca Sweet –Owner, Harmony in the Garden & co-author of “Garden Up!”
Rebecca Sweet is a landscape designer with her design firm Harmony in the Garden, located in Northern California. She also co-authored the best-selling book Garden Up! Smart Vertical Gardening for Small and Large Spaces (Cool Springs Press, 2011). Rebecca is also a featured columnist for Horticulture Magazine and a contributing author for Fine Gardening Magazine.  Her gardens and articles have been featured in Fine Gardening, Horticulture, Women’s Day and American Gardener as well as regional newspapers and publications.


Creating Harmony in the Garden
Taking Your Garden to the Next Level
Thurs, Feb 9 at 10:45 am/Hood Room
Have you ever strolled through a garden and let out an audible “Ahhh…”?   That’s ‘harmony’ at work – when everything seamlessly blends together to create an overall desire to linger just a little bit longer.  California-based landscape designer and author Rebecca Sweet will show you how to create harmony in your own garden.  Learn the art of weaving together a few basic design principles such as color, texture and form, to transform your garden into a rich and layered tapestry.



Lucy Hardiman, Garden designer, writer and author, “Intimate Gardens”
Lucy Hardiman was to the garden born.  As a fifth generation Oregon gardener, most of her childhood memories revolve around the cycles and seasons of the garden.  She is the principal of Perennial Partners, a garden design collaborative, distinguished by their innovative hardscapes, playful planting designs and creative approach to problem solving.  She is a past president of the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon, is vice president of the Friends of the Rogerson Clematis Collection and is on the Great Plant Picks perennials committee.  She co-authored Intimate Gardens (Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 2005) and is currently working on a new book.  A popular lecturer, teacher and author, Hardiman is a contributing editor for Horticulture Magazine and shares her opinionated perspective on gardening on her blog, Perennial Patter.  


Mixing It Up In the Border
Orchestrating Plant Combinations That Sing
Fri, Feb 10 at 2:30 pm / Rainier Room
Lucy Hardiman, one of the most popular NWFGS speakers, takes you beyond the perennial border to the mixed border – incorporating trees, shrubs, grasses, perennials, bulbs, natives and edibles. Learn how to combine a wide variety of plants for the most impact in your garden, all year round.



Greg Butler – Designer, educator and owner, Design of the Times
After spending a couple of decades in both the entertainment business and the F.B.I. (Food and Beverage Industry), Greg woke up one day after a little brain surgery to discover that he was a gardener. By combining several years of subsequent education with an inherent inability to keep his opinions to himself, Greg has been educating and entertaining gardeners of all levels of interest as a teacher, lecturer, and garden coach for nearly two decades. In his spare time he runs the design and consulting firm “Design of the Times”, which specializes in the renovation and relocation of residential and public gardens. Greg puts a particular emphasis on helping his clients create functional, easy-care gardens and landscapes that don’t depend on pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or any other kind of synthetic tom-foolery for success. He also spends an enormous amount of time arguing with his wife (also a landscape professional) about what to do in their own garden, which they have dubbed “The Garden of the Shoemaker’s Children”.


Solving Common Garden Problems Before You Begin!
Sat, Feb 11 at 11 am / Hood Room
In honor of this year’s show theme, this seminar offers a melodious primer and refresher course in the fundamentals of garden design and renovation, with a special emphasis on designing common garden problems out of your landscape before they occur. Life doesn’t have to be complicated, and with a little bit of planning, neither does your garden. From overture to grand finale, we’ll take a musically inspired step-by-step look at organizing the design and renovation process with an emphasis on how to manage the delicate dance of even the most complex garden project without stepping on your own toes. Sounds impossible? Take it from “Mi”, your garden can be a “Re” of sunshine on the dreariest day, and it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of “Do”!



Karen Stefonick – Owner & designer, Karen Stefonick Design
Karen Stefonick is Principal/Designer of Karen Stefonick Design in Seattle. She is a multi-talented designer and has won many awards for her show gardens at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show, including BEST in SHOW for an unprecedented 2 years running, 6 consecutive Gold Medals, the Sunset ‘Western Living’ Award, the Jeff Palmer Designer Award, and an award from the American Horticulture Society for environmentally sensitive landscape design.  Karen’s work has been featured in Sunset Magazine, Sunset’s special ‘Bookazines,” and Seattle Homes & Lifestyles. Karen has made appearances on the Ciscoe Morris radio show, Mike Darcy, Ed Hume and with Rebecca Cole of Rebecca Cole Design, New York. Karen has married her breadth of landscape knowledge with her background in interior design to create incredibly appealing and functional landscaping and outdoor living spaces.


Easy Living
Design Ideas for Creating Outdoor Living Rooms
Thurs, Feb 9 at 7:00 pm / Rainier Room
Award-winning designer Karen Stefonick will take you through her 7 steps to finding and creating outdoor living areas. She will share her design ideas to help you build and create an outdoor room for friends and family to enjoy.  She will help you find the optimal location for an outdoor living space, what size to make it, and how to resolve issues like privacy or too much sun. She’ll also explore functionality; outdoor kitchens, dining areas, structures, outdoor lighting for your room, and how to accessorize, including furniture layout and other functional features, such as hard scape materials, plants, and fireplaces. 


Mary Ann Newcomer – Author, Rocky Mountain Gardener’s Resource
Mary Ann Newcomer, is a garden scribe, scout, speaker and blogger. She’s known as the “Dirt Diva” on the River Radio, 94.9 in Boise, ID. Her articles on gardening have been published
in MaryJane’s Farm, Fine Gardening, and American Gardener.  An accomplished horticulturalist, and garden designer, she has wielded her creativity and design talents on public, private and commercial gardens and landscapes. Her first book, The Rocky Mountain Gardener’s Guide will be published by Cool Springs Press in January 2012.


Creating Beautiful Garden Tapestries
Weave a Garden Together With Colorful Threads
Fri, Feb 10 at 4:45 pm / Hood Room
Some folks instinctively know “what goes with what”. The rest of us struggle to find perfect perennial partners for the garden. How DO you create pleasing, colorful, compositions in your beds and borders? Garden designers know to look for the common color characteristics, or color “echoes,” and tie them together from one plant to the next for a harmonious composition. This program will showcase gorgeous color combinations you can make work at home.

Check out the complete seminar schedule and plan your days at the show by visiting Remember, the Early Bird ticket price flies away after February 7! ~ Janet



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