Seminar Reflections

Seminar Reflections

Natasha BurnsBy Natasha Burns
Guest Columnist

Hello, everybody…My name is Natasha; I am 36 and I moved to Everett, WA, four years ago from Moscow, Russia. I live with my husband David and two daughters, Anastasia, 18, Katrina, 4, and our cat Gaff-Gaff (Russian for Woff-Woff, the barking sound)

I started gardening as soon as I moved here. We have a standard city lot what used to be lawn and weeds. And now we have Eden in miniature (yes, with an apple tree…every self-respecting Eden has to have an apple tree).

This year’s Northwest Flower & Garden Show supplied me with inspiration and simply cheered me up during the endless rainy days of winter. I shouldn’t forget to thank
them for bringing together all the wonderful nurseries and such for convenient shopping.

But till this year I didn’t attended any seminars. I decided to correct my mistake. On Wednesday, February 20, I participated in three seminars: Incredible Edibles with Ruth Estrada; Hortus Miscellaneous with Lorene Edwards Forkner; and Windcliff Revisited with Dan Hinkley.

I was pleasantly surprised. Although all speakers had different styles of presenting their subjects, they definitely had a sense of humor. I guess I expected some dry facts about plants and such, but to my delight all the seminars were not only educational but inspirational and simply entertaining, especially Dan Hinkley’s presentation.

First I went to Monrovia stage, no pass required (sweeeeeet) for Ruth Estrada’s talk about varieties of fruits and herbs offered by Monrovia. Although I didn’t hear anything new for myself, people asked question and got answers, and I enjoyed Ms. Estrada’s jokes.

Then I visited the Seminar Pass booth to get a pass for Hinkley’s. Two hours before the presentation started, the line at the Seminar Pass booth was snaking and looked kinda scary, but one more lady was added to the two existing ladies at the booth and passes went as fast as corn-dogs at the fair. I got my pass in less then five minutes.

Then I went to the Hood Room for Ms. Forkner’s presentation on fun facts about the plant world. I especially liked her recipe for how to do beads from rose petals.

Then it was time for my event of the day: “Windcliff Revisited.” It was the first time I have seen Mr. Hinkley in real life (I have read his book, The Explorer’s Garden). When the lady who introduced Mr. Hinkley said he was born in 1907 (I guess it was a mistake), and they exchanged quick jokes, all audience was sold.

You should have been there to hear the audience aaahing in delight at slides of especially interesting plants and ooohing in compassion after slides of frost damage. Mr. Hinkley’s presentation was truly inspirational.

Thanks to everybody who pulled the Northwest Flower & Garden Show together.

For all of you who are still reading, I am learning English only for five years, in between kids and housekeeping. It took me all last night and this morning to put together this short blog. I am looking for other people to share my passion to gardening. My address is: [email protected]

  • Send Flowers in India
    Posted at 02:45h, 22 February Reply

    Very nice.Writing more will definitely help you a lot.

  • Deborah Burns
    Posted at 11:16h, 24 February Reply

    Nice summary of the seminars you attended! The past couple of years I have not gone to the seminars since I have been attending in the evening, but I remember listening to a few of Dan Hinkley’s seminars (as well as others) very enjoyable.

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