Red Grass Designs & Recycled Steel

Red Grass Designs & Recycled Steel

(c) Brett ClevelandBrett Cleveland from Red Grass Designs in Bellingham will be at the show with his wonderful designs made from steel in booth 2459 in the North Hall. I was pleased to see that his business is so eco-friendly. Stay tuned for even more information on Brett’s business in a future post and make sure you stop to say hello at the show!

Flora-What are your designs made from?

Brett-Our business is centered around Asian and Contemporary designs. The Asian designs come from a love of everything Asian. My wife and I have an adopted son from Vietnam and have a lot of cloth and antiques from there. They really inspire us in our day to day lives. It gives us a sense of place and harmony in the world.  We wanted to come up with a product line that would have the aspect of the Asian images but evoke a timely quality with the stakes and create a sense of tranquility to someone’s garden. We use Asian images and religious icons of all a varieties in our garden art.
Our contemporary designs are completely handmade by me and original. They are affordable individual pieces of art. (c) Brett ClevelandEven though we have a standard product line with these pieces each one is different. Our “Ball Weeds” for example, always have different heights and combinations. Also, our “Curly Weeds” have different twists and heights as well. There is something fun and whimsical about that. Our customers are not just buying something that is stamped out in a production line. We have received a lot of success through this process and really enjoy the work we do.

Flora-Are you able to incorporate eco-friendly and sustainable practices in your business?

Brett-Yes, the beauty of steel is that it is all recycled at some point. The metal that we buy, up here in Bellingham, is from the U.S. and has been recycled a couple times over. The most eco-friendly aspect of our business is that we don’t cover any of our steel with lacquer or paint. Paint sends Chlorofluorocarbons in the ozone, is bad for the storm water, and has a lot of nasty chemicals that are not good for our environment or our bodies. Most of our products we intentionally rust and as a result have different patterns and complexities in each of the pieces. The iron oxide is a pleasant and natural protectant. Also, all of our products are made of solid steel so we never have to worry about anything “rusting through”.

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