Recommended Seminars at the Show

Recommended Seminars at the Show

nwshow-tickets.jpgThe planning for the Northwest Flower and Garden Show has accumulated into an exciting show schedule. I can’t wait to attend and I hope to see you there as well.

Up and coming, we will be featuring even more authors and speakers who will be at the show. My fave part is learning from them-for practically no money at all. The sheer amount of information practically puts me on overload so I always take notes so that I can learn even more when reviewing them. If you haven’t read our great interview with Karen Chapman yet, please head on over. She’s so cool!

If you want some hilarity, line up early for Ciscoe Morris and Meeghan Black’s seminar, “Oh, La, La! Garden Hints & Hijinks” on February 21 at 2:45 PM in the Hood Room. You might know them from their KING 5 appearances and I promise they are even more entertaining (and educational) in real life. It will be a blast.

I’m also looking forward to “Beguiling Bamboo Trellises” with Willi Evans Galloway, the creator of and the editor of Organic Gardening. You already know that I am a fan of organic gardening so I always enjoy her teaching. She speaks at 3:30 PM on February 22 on the Monrovia DIY Stage.

And of course, there are many more! You can now buy your tickets for the show at many vendors throughout the Pacific Northwest. You can also buy them online and print them right from your computer (the “green” in me hopes someday that they will go to all e-tickets).

Stay tuned! We will also talk soon about accommodations in the area, parking and all the essentials to attending the Northwest Flower & Garden Show. Oh-and don’t forget to sign up for the new newsletter.


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