Organizing Your Garden Supplies

Organizing Your Garden Supplies

fourth-and-garden-078.JPGWell, if you are anything like me, throughout the past few weeks I have been in and out of my shed more and more as I cultivate, plant, weed, water more and (yes) experiment with my plants, the less organized that I am. All this activity reeks havoc with my supplies. OK-now where did I put those shears?

After looking for my gloves not once, not twice, but three times this week-I am making more of an effort to be more organized with my garden supplies. Here are some tools that are helping me and might help you too:

  1. A hanging over-the-door or flat against the wall shoe organizer makes a great tool caddy. Don’t bother with labeling-just use each section for a different tool.
  2. Potting soil and planters are stacked on shelves or under a table.
  3. Watering cans/larger items used more often are placed closer and more convenient to my working area.
  4. Fertilizer and/or other chemicals are on the highest shelf away from kids and animals.
  5. Seeds are organized in a square Tupperware container by type with no lid. I also have learned to write the year I bought them on the outside of the packet since most aren’t good the next growing year.
  6. Seeds/Cuttings that I am cultivating get the shelf in the sun.
  7. My gardening books have a special shelf inside on my bookcase.

I will admit that for me, much of my disorganization lies in “dropping and running”, and not picking up as I go. So here are some new organizational habits that I am implementing in my life and might also help you:

  1. I am refusing to drop and run. It only takes a second to put something away and I figure if I do it enough, it will become a habit. (I hope).
  2. I am refusing to let my table that I plant/transplant on become cluttered with anything unrelated to the project at hand. And when each project is done, I clear it completely. No exceptions. (Hope this one lasts).

Obviously, I have more confidence in my organizational do-dads than my new resolutions but as I mentioned, I am hopeful that the more I do it-the easier it will become. Everything has its place, right?

Help me out here. Do you have organizational tools/ideas for your supplies? Please comment and let me know.

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