New Year’s Garden Resolutions

New Year’s Garden Resolutions

istock_000002938963xsmall.jpgSometimes a gardener must pause and think about “real life”. That is, the life that goes on outside of our garden walls. To many of us, our gardens are an escape and this is not a bad thing. I do not recommend, however, that you escape into it so much that it is your only activity. Your gardening activity, as well as your wholeness, will be better served if you also concentrate on your job, family, friends and other hobbies. It is all about balance.

I encourage you during this New Year season to really jot down your garden time and divide it out into the following categories:

  1. Getting Dirty- Time actually spent near or in the dirt.
  2. Garden Planning-  Time spent planning gardening or gardening activities.
  3. Garden Education- Garden reading, time at classes, time at the Show, etc.
  4. Garden Relaxation- Garden time spent in thought or relaxation.
  5. Garden Shopping- Shopping for your garden.
  6. Family Time- Time spent with your family with no other distractions, including electronics.
  7. Work- Time spent at work.

Keep this list for a couple of months and really “dig into” the results. Does your spouse call himself or herself a “garden widow”? Should you maybe put a few more hours into quality, uninterrupted kid-time? Only you can decide.

Whatever your results, remember that this is a fresh new year. And each day is a fresh new day. The best part of it all is that you can always start over-and as humans we often need to.

Let me know if you are making changes in your priorities or time spent in gardening activity.

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