My Garden Spaces

My Garden Spaces

(c) CassieThe Northwest Flower and Garden Show is pleased to announce the launch of My Garden Spaces. This is an interactive community where you can post pictures of your garden, and also rate and comment on other gardens.You can see pictures on there of my Apple Espalier and strawberries and here are some highlights of other gardens that are posted.

One of my favorites is Cassie’s garden. The posted picture belongs to her. She says, “I’m a wannabe gardener, and have only a small outdoor space with lots of concrete and shade. So what’s a girl to do? Dream about these beautiful stacking planters, that’s what. My desire is to be able to walk outside while I’m cooking, and gather ingredients for a salad, or some fresh herbs, or some flowers for the table. I’d like to put these containers along the outside wall, in a sunny spot, away from two big magnolia trees.”

I disagree that she is a “wannabe”. In my opinion, she shows some great artistic talent in her plantings, groupings and containers. I really enjoy her pictures.

Then there is Kay, who has posted a beautiful picture of a cherry tree in bloom. She has cared for it for 15 years and believe me, that tree care shows. Kay says, “Here’s a picture of the cherry tree in bloom last spring. Now in December we can already see the faint outlines of tiny new buds on the bare winter branches. Every year it does it again! It’s a Yoshino Cherry (Prunus x yedoensis) about 15 years old. Very wide, now spreading about 12 feet on each side and about 20′ tall.”

Those are a couple of my faves! I hope that you will add your garden pictures soon. Your pics might become my faves too!

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