Melinda Myers Dishes on Seminars

Melinda Myers Dishes on Seminars

(c) Melinda MyersSo I know that you have all heard of Melinda Myers. She’s a great gal, awesome gardener and a most excellent teacher. She is also a television host and author. Her seminars are always worth catching at the shows.

Flora- Tell us about the green tips on your site?

Melinda– My main goal is to make it easy for people to go green.  If we all make simple changes it is less overwhelming and together can add up to big results. So keep visiting the site for new tips. I not only include my tips, but ones that I pick up when traveling from gardeners and professionals.

Flora- What is the Good, the Bad and the Ugly class about?

Melinda– Only 3% of all insects are harmful. The other 97% pollinate our flowers, eat harmful insects and help with decomposition of plant debris. I want to help gardeners attract the good guys, live with the ugly but not harmful insects and use eco-friendly techniques when the bad guys get out of control.

Flora- And Eco-friendly Garden Tools?

Melinda– We will talk about tools that are made with sustainability in mind and are also helpful for gardening. Eco-Friendly Garden Makeovers will be tips for growing fruits and vegetables no matter what size your landscape. Tough economic times and food contamination have increased the interest in growing fruits and vegetables.  Incorporating these plants into the landscape can maximize your space and create a colorful and productive landscape.

smallspace.jpgFlora- Worms?

Melinda– Gotta love them! Sometime I will have to share the story of my search for red worms in Seattle. They arrived by taxi to the Hilton Hotel!

Yes, I will be doing Grow your own Worms! for the kids at the Show. Every child will create a worm composter in a bag. It is like the starter kit for a larger worm composter. We (the kids, their parents and I) had a great time with this project two years ago.  SO I decided it was time for a repeat performance. The best part of this session – I heard parents telling their kids that they were going to finally get a worm bin started to handle the family’s kitchen scraps!

Flora- How will the kids make them at the show?

Melinda– Every child gets a baggie, fills it with shredded paper (you should see the inside of my suitcase), some soil and a few red worms.

Flora- Will the worms be OK with a trip home?

Melinda– Oh trust me, the trip from Milwaukee to Seattle is much more trying than the trip home from the flower show!

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