City Living Entry Guidelines 

CITY LIVING - Container Gardens
Garden Spaces for a Condo Patio
February 14 - 18, 2024 


  1. Display must fit in a 6’ deep x 12’ wide display space.  The space will be defined with paving slabs.  There will be an 8’H x 6’L wood wall on each end of the display area.  The walls are khaki, and the slabs are grey.  The displays will overlook Pike Street to the West and East.
  2. Materials used in the display cannot require the use of machinery to lift into place.  The idea is that all materials used would be coming through the living area of an apartment or condo to be used on a deck.

  3. City Living displays are to represent a deck or patio. The Show will provide the walls and flooring, which cannot be physically altered or painted.  Artwork and coverings are permitted.
  4. Plant material must be culturally compatible and in scale.  Plant material must be natural, no artificial plants.  The Show provides $500 in credit from T & L Nursery as well as a direct $500 cash subsidy.
  5. If textiles are used vertically or draping, they must be fire retardant.  Please provide a certificate or have the fire-retardant product available during move-in at the Show.

  6. The Show provides signage for each display that will include contact information.  You may also incorporate signage into your display in a professional manner (no hand-written signs are permitted, some chalk art may be allowed, but please clear it with the Show first).

  7. Your display should not be commercial or retail oriented.  The show does permit minimal logo/branding of your company or products in your display. Please contact us with specific questions.
  8. All items in the display can be sold but not visibly priced, and must remain on exhibit until 6 pm, Sunday, February 18, 2024.  Potential customers should contact designers directly.

  9. There will be three first place categories awarded: People’s Choice, Best Plant Material, and Best Overall Design/Concept.

  10. Electricity (up to 5 amps) is included but must be ordered in advance.  There will be a required form to let us know what you will be using the electricity for.  Day of move-in cost will be $125.00.
  11. Designers are responsible for watering and grooming the plantings throughout the Show. Containers not maintained may be removed. Maintenance must be done before the Show opens at 9 am each day or after the show closes at 8 pm. Displays can be taken down after the Show closes on Sunday.  All materials must be removed by 6:00 pm Monday, February 19, 2024.
  12. The Northwest Flower & Garden Festival is not responsible for loss or damage of any materials used in your display.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Lloyd Glasscock, Garden Coordinator
Phone: 425.422.3336