King County Iris Society

King County Iris Society

Back to helpful organizations, I enjoyed talking to the representatives of the King County Iris Society. I don’t know as much about Irises as I would like to and I found it very helpful to ask them questions of all kinds.

March is the start of the Iris Growing Season and the group recommends that you accomplish the following for your irises during March:

  1. Fertilize if you haven’t already.
  2. Watch out for aphids, they can spread viral disease and deform buds.
  3. First MDB’s (miniature dwarf bearded) will bloom around this time.

And for April:

  1. First SDB’s will bloom.
  2. Siberians, Japanese and PCN’s can be transplanted.

This society has so many wonderful events scheduled that there is plenty opportunity to work around your schedule and still attend a few. See them all here, including Iris sales.

And here are a couple of other societies that you may find helpful:

American Iris Society

Society for Pacific Coast Irises

Lot’s of information on all these links. Enjoy the tour!

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