It’s Tool-Therapy Time!

It’s Tool-Therapy Time!

Photo #979766 courtesy of stock.xchngWith the onslaught of spring (does it arrive any other way here in the Northwest?), baby steps are necessary. Even to the most devoted of gardeners, the task of transitioning between last season’s remnants to a whole new season of hopes and dreams can be daunting. Especially to those of us whose gardening tools are older than our cars (I drive an old car).

This past weekend, during that wonderful blitz of good weather, I dusted (yes, dusted) off my garden tools and set to work, determined to make an impressive dent in my gardening to-do list.

However, after struggling with sticky shears and wrestling with rusty weeding trowels, I decided to lower my standards for the day, to do what I could, and wait for the next breach in the weather to finish the job.

In the meantime, I’ll be replacing my old equipment, and investing in a few good men—er, good tools. After checking a variety of websites on the subject, I’m convinced that even a minimal investment will go a long way towards:

  • Making my efforts more fruitful (pun intended)
  • Wreaking less havoc on my joints, particularly my hand muscles
  • Providing a bit more enthusiasm for those springtime startup baby steps

Check out this Seattle Times article, “Tooling Around,” by a fellow northwest gardener, Valerie Easton. Seems like I’m not the only one with Retail Tool Therapy on the brain.

Since I’m “cleaning house” in respect to my grungy gardening tools, what tools do you recommend I purchase, dear readers?

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