Hoyt Arboretum

Hoyt Arboretum

Only a couple miles from downtown Portland is a 187-acre arboretum of living wonder with 12 miles of trails. Whether rain drops plop slowly onto the ground after bending each leaf or sunny skies warm human and plant-life alike, a trip to Hoyt Arboretum is well worth your time. Best part? It’s free.  

Volunteers are available at the Visitor Center to help interpret tree collections or answer questions. Also, brochures and maps are available at all times for those who prefer a more independent experience. Specifically mapped are 1, 2 and 4 mile self-guided tours. I really liked that each species is labeled like at the flower shows.

The Arboretum houses a library with over 800 horticultural books and periodicals available for fact checking. And although the books can’t be checked out, there is room within the library for you and yours to research, as well as spaces for meetings or classes.

The website keeps a list of what plants are in bloom each month and where they are located. Here are a few blooming in the last two weeks of April:

Red Flowering CurrantAt the Visitor’s Center:

Acer macrophyllum (Big Leaf Maple) -Across Fairview Blvd.

Arctostaphylos (Bearberry)

Choisya ‘Aztec Pearl’ (Aztec Pearl Mexican Orange)

Choisya ternata ‘Sundance’ (Sundance Mexican Orange)

Correa cvs. ‘Marion’s Marvel’ (Australian Fuschia)

Ribes sanguineum, (Red Flowering Currant)

On Magnolia Trail:

Magnolia x kosar ‘Susan’ (Susan Magnolia)

Magnolia x loebneri ‘Ballerina’ (Ballerina Magnolia)

Magnolia x loebneri ‘Dr. Merrill’ (Dr. Merrill Magnolia)

Magnolia x soulangiana  (Saucer Magnolia)

Magnolia stellata (Star Magnolia)                     

Magnolia stellata ‘Rosea’ (Pink Star Magnolia)

Magnolia stellata ‘Waterlily’ (Waterlily Magnolia)

There are too many to highlight here, so be sure and check out the complete list of April blooms.

Enjoy your trip! You may even find yourself, like me, planning a second one very soon.

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