Healing Chinese Herbs, Part 2

Healing Chinese Herbs, Part 2

chuan-xin-lian.jpgHere are some healing Chinese Herbs that will assist you and your family to wellness in the initial stages of virus and bacterial infections. Whether you are seeking a stronger immune system or have a bacterial infection, there is a Chinese herb that can help you. Thanks to Nancy Burton, L.Ac. for this invaluable information.

Jade Screen– This can be taken all year around to build up the immune system and is available in both pills or liquid. The Plum Flower brand (in pill form) has the GMP rating, which is the highest international certification that a company can obtain.

Gan Mao Ling– This herb kills viruses. If taken at first sign, illness can often be avoided and it is also available in both pills and liquid.

Ginger Tea– Ginger tea knocks out both chills and body aches. Ginger is an herb that warms the entire body, dispels clear or white phlegm and soothes the stomach.

Yin Chiao– These come in pills and can be swallowed. However, if chewed, they soothe a sore throat on contact and will enter the bloodstream more quickly. Sore throat, fever or colored mucous would be an indication to use this herb.

Mint Tea– This tea from the herb mint is also soothing for fever, sore throat and colored mucous. I had a mint tree for many years. This is an herb that grows well in the northwest.

Chuan Xin Lian– This is an herbal antibiotic. Isn’t it great that antibiotics can be found in nature? It is available in pills and liquid.

Herbs are not a substitute for heading to the doctor when you need to but can do wonders to help prevent illnesses all year long and help you and your loved one heal more quickly.

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