Glass Gardens Northwest, Part 2

Glass Gardens Northwest, Part 2

Icicle Tower by Barbara SandersonHere is part two of my interview with Barbara Sanderson. Read part 1 here. Hope that you are enjoying hearing about all these cool people as much as I am!

Flora-Tell us more about your garden?

Barbara-I do love to garden although my time in the garden has been severely limited by my business the last few years. We live on an acre of land and have 5 separate garden areas with their own perspective and personality.

Flora-Tell us more about the individual areas?

Barbara-I have a wonderful back deck with a small pond in a relatively shady part of the garden. I also have three raised vegetable beds where I plant veggies most of the year. I created a small meditative space where I have my pets ashes buried and there’s a comfortable bench and chair to sit and relax. The main garden area has planted borders with apple and plum trees. The front garden has a small fountain and statue and benches – it is surrounded by evergreens making this a secluded and secret garden area.

Flora-It sounds beautiful, just like your glass pieces are. What is the price range for them?Spears 2 by Barbara Sanderson

Barbara-I have pond floats starting at $15 and my larger sculptures can go up to $2,000.  I have several new designs this year and I have tried to keep everything more affordable given the economic climate we are all facing these days. I will have special pricing on several items at the show.

I know in these difficult times a lot of folks cannot afford rent let alone garden art but I would strongly encourage gardeners who are at the show to try and support independent local artists.  We are definitely feeling the crunch and need your support to be able to continue to create beautiful items that make you smile when you are in the garden.

Visit Barbara at booth 1106 in the black carpet area next to the show gardens.

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