Garden Show Welcomes New Exhibitors

Garden Show Welcomes New Exhibitors


 Largest marketplace of any garden show 

The Northwest Flower & Garden Show is famed for offering three things to avid gardens: luscious fully-built show gardens, a free seminar program considered to be the best in the world, and a marketplace of over 350 exhibitors – all carefully vetted to bring you only vendors related to gardening, botanical art and nature-inspired jewelry and décor.

Every year we welcome dozens of new exhibitors, so here’s a sneak peek of a few of the new faces you’ll see at the 2013 show, to be held February 20 – 24, 2013 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle.


Bees are absolutely vital in keeping flowers and fruit trees and edibles pollinated, and their numbers are declining. Washington-based House of Bees are beekeepers and gardeners providing seeds and advice to people interested in attracting more bees into their gardens. If you want to attract more bees, they’ll have Mason Bee houses and small hives just right for home gardeners, along with plenty of friendly, helpful advice.


Jennifer Mannila of Jenny M Studios divides her creative time between Portland and the central Oregon coast in Yachats. She has forever known two things in her life to be true – she loves to think creatively and she loves to work with her hands. In 1997, she made the transition from working in glass, to designing and producing ceramics full-time. All of her designs are hand built from a mid-range white clay body and then hand painted using underglazes. She creates a wide range of whimsical and color ceramic pieces, including bowls, vases, plates and ornaments.



Bellingham based Jo Bird Jewelry artist Sarah Jo Brockman (the studio names comes from her childhood nickname) was raised in the Pacific Northwest by two artists. She began making jewelry as a teenager and her professional line launched in 2006. Her signature style incorporated mother of pearl and freshwater pearls, and she finds great inspiration in using shells, pearls, and other all natural materials. Her natural jewelry appeals to women with active lifestyles, and will take you from the office to the yoga mat.



Tom was a policeman at the Dublin Airport for 20 years before immigrating to America. He is now a naturalized citizen. He has been a carpenter for 40 years, doing a lot of finish work of crown molding, fireplace mantels, book cases, and cupboards. He has recently returned to making furniture, and takes great pride in the quality of his finish work. Tom the Irishman is located in McCall, Idaho, where he builds custom furniture, including Adirondack chairs, gliders, kitchen tables and chairs, firepit tables, plant stand – even dog beds.



Maria and Bryan Chapin-Cao first met in Beijing during an intercultural exchange outing. After more than two years of traveling and dating, they married in a traditional Chinese wedding ceremony in Beijing. They now own Pearls by Nature, creating beautiful jewelry using freshwater pearls. Pearl culturing is an environmentally friendly process, requiring a clean and carefully tended ecosystem. All parts of the mollusk are used, creating no waste. The pearls are highly sought after, and the shell is used for both jewelry and as an organic fertilizer.



Jessi Bloom, owner of Northwest Bloom EcoLogical Landscapes, has just opened a new nursery devoted exclusively to edible gardening and permaculture practices. And she will be giving it a great kickoff at the 2013 garden show. You know Jessi from her multi-award-winning 2010 show garden, “A Family’s Little Farm in the City.” She’ll be carrying perennial edible plants, medicinals, insectary plants (attract those beneficial insects!), nitrogen fixers (helps to build spoil) and other plants, such as natives, deer ‘resistant’ plants, and beautiful ‘chicken resistant’ plants.


Want to browse all our 350 exhibitors? Just click the button below. Tickets are now on sale at retail outlets, on our website and on our Facebook page. Buy them on your smartphone and we’ll just scan your phone at the door when you enter! ~ Janet


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