Garden Show Announces 2015 Show Judges

Garden Show Announces 2015 Show Judges

 Announcing the 2015 Show Judges 

Each Garden Show brings us an opportunity to select three prestigious individuals from the horticulture industry to come together and award the Medal Awards to each show garden, to vote on the coveted Founder’s Cup Award (Best in Show), and to determine the American Horticulture Society Environmental Award winner.

New York Times writer Anne Raver is one of three Show Judges for the 2015 Northwest Flower & Garden Show.

New York Times writer Anne Raver is one of three Show Judges for the 2015 Northwest Flower & Garden Show.

Anne Raver

If you haven’t heard of her yet, you should get to know New York Times garden columnist Anne RaverShe has been writing about the horticulture industry for easily 25 years. Anne currently lives in Maryland writing for the Times, County Gardens, and Landscape Architecture, all while tending to organic hayfields and native grasses that help to clean the Bay. Garden Rant categorizes her as an ‘Unusually Clever Person’ and writes:

“Anne spoke … about “Great Gardens I Remember” and it turns out that her choices are far from what you might expect – the word “great” conjuring up gardens about as relevant to 21st Century gardeners as Versailles.” (Article by Susan Harris, Garden Rant)

She’s written about former Show Judges Duncan Brine and Wayne Winterrowd. Anne’s also shown some Seattle love (yay!) with a feature on Gas Works Park and another on the garden of NWFGS speaker Dan Hinkley. I bet you a tomato she’s going to enjoy the eclectic, romantic Display Gardens of 2015.

 Troy B. Marden

Next up is Troy B. Marden.

Show Judge Troy B. Marden's recently published book "Plant This Instead!"

Show Judge Troy B. Marden’s recently published book “Plant This Instead!”

At the age of just 15, he landed his first garden design project and hasn’t stopped since. Along with being a ‘garden coach’ to clients in the Tennessee area, he hosts a local PBS show called “Volunteer Gardener” that features local experts, upcoming garden events, recipes, visits to private gardens, and more. Another notable talent of Troy’s is his photography. A scan of his Facebook page will cheer up a gloomy day (unless you get jealous from all of the gorgeous photos of him traveling).

His recent book Plant This Instead! is acclaimed to help gardeners make plant choices that result in better-performing, better-looking gardens, e.g. resistant to pests and diseases, less aggressive, less effort. I like that concept… don’t you?

Linda Engstrom 


Garden Designer Linda Engstrom joins us for the 2015 Northwest Flower & Garden Show as an official Show Judge.

Last but certainly not least is Linda Engstrom, former International APLD President and owner of Garden Aesthetics. Linda started on the East Coast, but has been living and gardening in Oregon since ’73. Some intriguing facts about her are that she:

  • owns a Portland vineyard called Cloudrest Vineyards and has since 1984
  • has toured gardens around the world (including Siberia, brrrr!)
  • studied under famed English Designer and author John Brookes.

As of this year, she has retired from full time design, and instead is focusing on classes and sketching. She writes on her website:

“I feel strongly that we need more than ever to emphasize regionalism and the natural environment… to create gardens with a ‘sense of place’, and to encourage a philosophy that every landscape on our earth is unique.”

Our three Show Judges will also be speakers in our NWFGS Seminar Series. Your ticket to the Show includes these Seminars free!  With 201 days left, we are excited for these creative and diverse gardeners to be involved in one of the biggest Flower & Garden Shows in the world. Make sure you join them! –Courtney



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