High School Students Rate the Show ‘Really Cool’

High School Students Rate the Show ‘Really Cool’

Heather Wood and Jessica Selby - Elma H.S, Photo courtesy of HeBlogsSheBlogs.com By Laura Christianson
Guest Columnist

I’d just spent two hours oohing and aahing at the Display Gardens, and I needed to rest, slug down a bottle of water, and consult my map. I collapsed into a chair and overheard a conversation between the two teenagers sitting next to me, who were closely examining their map.

Funky Junk 2nd Place Retro Tin Man Decatur H.S., Photo courtesy of HeBlogsSheBlogs.com“What shall we do next?”

“How about ‘Funky Junk’?”

Yeah, sounds cool.”

I leaned toward them and said, “Um, I can’t help but notice that you two are somewhat…younger…than most of the people attending the Show. Why’d you decide to attend?”

“We’re here with our Botany class from Elma High School,” they told me. Turns out that 40 students from two classes at their school were doin’ the Show, and they were having a blast.

I asked Heather Wood (great name for a future botanist, huh?) and Jessica Selby what they thought of the show, and they remarked, “The landscapes are really cool.”

They also said, “Getting prizes is really cool.”

Funky Junk 1st Place Black Hills High School, Tumwater, Photo courtesy of HeBlogsSheBlogs.comPrizes? What prizes? I hadn’t heard about any prizes. Were prizes just for high school students? No, the girls informed me. Anyone can win prizes. They patiently explained that all you have to do is insert your “Fair Rewards” card (which you get when you enter the Show) into a kiosk (they’re scattered throughout the convention floor).

When you insert your card, “It tells you what to do, and you go around and find stuff,” said Jessica. After you’ve found “stuff,” you win cool prizes. Jessica and Heather had already won gardening gloves, a lavender bag, and a postcard.

I asked them how they got interested in gardening, and they told me all about their Botany class at Elma High School…first semester, they learned to identify plants and this semester, they’re learning about asexual reproduction and working in the greenhouse, preparing for their end-of-the-year plant sale. “You have to know plants to work at the plant sale,” they informed me.

Heather and Jessica haven’t decided whether they want to make a career out of gardening, but they both definitely plan to make gardening a hobby.

“A place like this can get you thinking about stuff like that,” said Heather.

About the columnist: Laura Christianson is a Snohomish author. She co-founded He Blogs, She Blogs, the company that manages the blogs for the Northwest Flower & Garden Show and the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show.


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