Filling Up with Pots2Go

Filling Up with Pots2Go

As you all know, I love container gardens. I have moved a bunch in my life and right now, nothing feels quite permanent. Container gardens help me in many ways. They help because sometimes I need to pack up and move. And they also help me still garden with a back injury because with potting soil, etc., there aren’t as many weeds to keep up on. I even grow most of my vegetables in my containers.

(c) Kelli CurtisI recently met with Kelli Curtis from Pots2Go. Kelli is a horticulturist who has honed in her gardening skills to make beautiful pots. I am convinced that this is an art form in itself. I wish I had the talent that she has to create them because each pot is truly a picture all on its own. And Kelli says that the plants must not only compliment the other plants, but also the pot itself! Wow-what a challenge to take all of that into consideration along with our climate as well. I know for sure I couldn’t do all of that.

Fortunately, I don’t have to. Part of good gardening, of course, is to use the resources around us. Be glad that I did not try to “reinvent the wheel” on this one.

Kelli provided us with some tips on how to choose colors for a pot:

  1. Understand the importance of color. People respond emotionally to color.
  2. Choose color based on favorites, what is already in the landscape and the colors already used in interior design.
  3. Either use a monochromatic scheme that uses shades of the same color or vibrant contrasting color schemes that play with the color wheel.
  4. Don’t use more than three colors in a pot (not counting green). Even better, use only two.

And some tips on filling the pots:

  1. Select pots first that work well with the home’s color scheme and architecture.
  2. Choose plants that play off the colors of the pot.
  3. Experiment with leaf texture, structure and contrast.
  4. Take other plants into consideration so that they all blend.

You can see Kelli’s display at the show in the Container Garden Area over the skybridge.

Thanks Kelli! You rock!

  • Gavin B.
    Posted at 13:10h, 24 February Reply

    I thought Kelli’s display was amazing. I loved all of the yellow and the beautiful back ground. It was definetly a warm modern mediterranian.
    You ROCK!

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