Edible Gardening for Everyone

Edible Gardening for Everyone


 Must-see seminars for the edible gardener 

If you have begun to add edible plants to your garden, there are many tricks to getting the most from your efforts. After all, you want the plants to grow well, produce in abundance, and look nice too! Then there’s the pesky problem of pests and diseases. What do you do then?

Never fear, we have some of the leading authors on edible gardening coming to our renowned seminar program at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show, to be held February 20 – 24 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. These are must-see seminars for every edible gardener!

Be sure to see Barbara Damrosch, Jessi Bloom, Graham Kerr, Colin McCrate, Donna Balzer and Bill Thorness as they each talk about various aspects of edible gardening (click on their name and you’ll find their complete bio and seminar details). Whether you’re interested in organic gardening, perennial vegetables, preventing pests, or growing cool season edibles, you’ll find great tips from these authors. And adding their books to your gardening library will mean yu can take their great advice home with you.


Make this the year you get your edible garden just right for you! To discover more seminars that will improve your gardening prowess, check out our Speakers at a Glance page. And act soon to buy your tickets – Early Bird Tickets must be purchased before February 20.

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