Design a Garden – Week 8 Containers

Design a Garden – Week 8 Containers

Voters chose this sketch by Lloyd Glasscock for the "Design a Garden" display garden.

Our 8th installment of “Design a Garden” gives you the chance to choose from 3 sets of containers to go on the patio of our “Here Comes the Sun” garden. Designer Lloyd Glasscock, of Looking Glass Design will fill these containers with lush plantings from Swansons Nursery working with John Stout of Terra Firma Hardscapes to build the show garden our readers have designed.


In our last vote our website readers had three design sketches, and choose Option B. The central focus of this design is a 15 x 20-ft. central stone patio using Montana Bronze Flagstone, bordered by a 15-ft. low wall of Montana Slate Ledgestone, all from Marenakos Rock Center.


The patio will be built with Montana Slate flagstone from Marenakos Rock Center, with rich, warm colors.


'Montana Slate' ledgestone from Marenakos will be used for the low retaining wall.


A backdrop of large sheltering evergreens and deciduous trees provides shelter and privacy. The sides are bordered with plants mostly native to the Pacific Northwest (the plants were chosen in an earlier vote), including Mahonia x media nervosa, and M. media ‘Charity’, Vaccinium glauco-album, Helleborus ‘Merlin’, and H. ‘Silver Dollar’, along with Rhododendron sino-falconari and R. ‘Ebony Pearl’. A stone fountain along the flagstone walk offers a bubbly focal point.


Now you have a chance to be a garden designer! Brad Siebe, President and General Manager of Swansons Nursery and Lloyd Glasscock have chosen three trios of containers for the patio. Which do you think will best go with a garden using the chosen hardscape materials? Click here to vote!


Choice A - Classic terracota containers from Swansons Nursery











Choice B - Soft celedon containers from Swansons Nursery











Choice C - Glazed black containers from Swansons Nursery

















To vote, go to the voting page on our website. Every time you vote, give us your email address and you are automatically entered to win our “All That Jazz” grand prize – 2 nights lodging, 4 tickets to the show, $250 cash to spend at the show and more!  ~ Janet


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