CSA: Community Supported Agriculture

CSA: Community Supported Agriculture

potatos.jpgAre you aware that your community likely has a CSA program? Community Supported Agriculture offers an excellent option for you to round out your veggies from your garden. Sometimes the programs even offer natural meats and locally-made goodies.

With a CSA, you participate by paying a membership fee, and then you receive fresh veggies all season. We had one that just started here and delivers a grocery bag of fresh veggies once a week, June-October. In addition, they will soon be offering online shopping of natural meats, locally-made pies etc that they also will deliver with the fresh produce.

Program are often limited in the number of households that they can serve so now is the time to search out the CSA in your community and reserve your spot. If you can’t find a program local to you via the search engines, I suggest you contact your local farmer’s market or even a small grocer. You can also call your local colleges that have a horticultural program as they often have information.

Some benefits to participating in a CSA include:

  • Produce is usually organic.
  • When calculated per pound, it is often cheaper and will save you a ton of bucks.
  • You don’t have to worry so much when a particular veggie refuses to grow in your garden.
  • You support your local farmers.
  • You help the environment because emissions from transportation are saved.
  • Your goods are fresher because they are picked that day usually and don’t have to travel far to get to you.
  • You tend to try more new things because they come to you as part of your program.
  • We all like vegetables better when freshly picked (fresh-from-the-garden carrots are SO much better tasting than store-bought). Even your picky kids might eat them.
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