Classes & Landscape Planning with DIG Nursery

Classes & Landscape Planning with DIG Nursery

aubrieta-c-louis-m-landry.jpgWell, I am feeling the crunch-and a little panic. How about you? We’ve had two bouts of serious, POURING rain already and one windstorm. My garden survived and I hope yours did too. The sunny season is never long enough for me here in the northwest and although my mom says that I am an ideal candidate to move to Arizona, I don’t think I could handle life without the evergreens either.

So forgive my “crunch-mind”. One thing that seems to disappear with the fall and winter weather are some of the really good outdoor garden events and classes. Well, there aren’t as many of course. So in an effort to get you out there (along with myself) and get some good healthy doses of fun, sun and garden education, I will be offering more class listings this month and next before they all blow away.

On the docket today is a wonderful nursery called DIG on Vashon Island in Washington. As many of you know, Vashon is only accessible only by ferry but you can get there via Port Orchard/Southworth, Tacoma, West Seattle and Downtown Seattle ferry runs. It is well worth a visit. Owners Sylvia Matlock and Ross Johnson also recently opened their home and acreage for garden tours to the excitement of major news and media outlets. I agree- seeing the results of their hard work is pure delight. Consider a day trip before the sun goes away.

While you are at DIG, check out the September classes. Here is a listing:

  • 9/8 at 1:00 PM- Autumn Accolades with Sylvia Matlock. Learn about the best container plants for fall and winter color.
  • 9/15 at 1:00 PM- Veggies and Tulips with Sylvia Matlock. Discover favorite bulbs and the ones everyone will be clamoring for next spring.
  • 9/16 at 1:00 PM- Flagstone with Ross Johnson. Learn the best way to prep the ground, place the stone and install flagstone.
  • 9/22 at 1:00 PM- Seasonal Gardening with Sylvia Matlock. Offers planting ideas for special plants that give something extra to your garden for every season of the year, including winter and fall. (guess I need this one!)
  • 9/23 at 1:00 PM- Pruning for Spring Extravaganza with Sylvia Matlock. $25.00 fee includes a pair of pruners. Watch a demonstration on how to prune and clean up those fading perennials and shrubs and expose your garden’s architectural elements. Practice on DIG’s border garden.

By the way, DIG has a very cool landscaping questionnaire that you can print out and complete to help you plan your initial or ongoing landscape. It’s specific and I would definitely use it if I was in the planning stage of any landscaping.

I’m off to get some sun!

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