Building an Award-Winning Show Garden, part 6

Building an Award-Winning Show Garden, part 6

(c) New Leaf CreationsSteve Haizlip and team from New Leaf Creations are on the floor of the convention center and building their show garden for this year! It’s very exciting to watch the process. I am sure, that just like with anything else, that there are last-minute changes to make in this fluid field, challenges to meet and the joy of seeing something planned come together with a great team.

(c) New Leaf CreationsSteve says, “Saturday morning started off rocky – with a truck full of plants breaking down on the way to the Convention Center – but the problem was quickly resolved and we were on our way to a jam-packed first day of setup!  By the end of day 1, the structure was up, the sawdust and steerco was down, and the boulders were in – all providing the basic framework and outline for the design.

Today we finished the structure, installed most of the plants and by night’s end we will have the water feature in and running.

All has gone smoothly and right according to schedule – but we couldn’t do it alone!  We have had a great working experience with Marenakos (as usual) and the students from Lake Washington Technical College also. Additionally I have many volunteers that devote time and energy to helping me bring my design to fruition!”

Steve sounds so excited and I am too! I can’t wait to see his garden and ask more questions at the show. It’s only two days away! I hope you will join me there. Make sure and visit Steve’s garden called “Nature’s Classroom”.

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