Building an Award-Winning Show Garden, Part 5

Building an Award-Winning Show Garden, Part 5

Here is an update from Steve Haizlip from New Leaf Creations on the Show Garden that he is building for the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. See updates 4, 3, 2 and 1.

(c) New Leaf Creations                                               Dear Flora,

As far as the flower show things are progressing but I am always feeling a bit behind. Typically the last three weeks before the show set up things start to really take shape. So in the beginning of January I took a trip to Marenakos to meet with Bill Hyde to select the boulders, flagstone and huckleberry stepping stones. As I mentioned in my previous email I actually don’t select every boulder for the design. Basically I decide the approximate amount of boulders needed and the sizes I like and from there I let Bill bring the rock based on what I specified. I have found that even though we would like to pick every boulder it is very hard when they are delivered to know exactly where you wanted them to go. I find that being flexible is the best thing especially when it comes to placing boulders. Bill and Marenakos are always a pleasure to work with.

In January I also spoke with the horticulture students at Lake Washington Technical College about New Leaf (c) New Leaf CreationsCreations and this years flower show. This went very well! The students at LWTC really do an amazing job in helping us force our plants. Without them the show would not be the same so we are so grateful for there willingness to help. The students also get a chance to work with different designers during the set up of the show.

One picture is the warmhouse and the other is the cold house. If the plants need to be slowed down even more they are placed outside in a protected area. As I mentioned earlier forcing is very difficult – this year all of the plants look great but we did have some plants that already bloomed -oops-and we placed them outside to try and slow them down. We may end up getting some replacements.
(c) New Leaf CreationsWe have not started building the structures but this will start this weekend. I was hoping to start last week but things have been a bit hectic so it has been delayed to this week. We will continue to build the structure right up to the start of the show – I will send pictures of the progress.

I am also planning on picking up the hemlocks later this month as well as the noble firs. Typically I pick these up right before the show.

And last, we have some very exciting news that I can’t explain too much about now but I will let you know as we get closer. It has something to do about the show set up and take down and the entire process.

From, Steve

Readers, stay tuned for more!

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