Birds in your Backyard

Birds in your Backyard

We have a variety of birds in the Northwest and if you enjoy birds at all, you might also enjoy watching for them at each place you visit. Here at the coast, we of course have seagulls and crows. I also have a blue heron who loves to hang out by my fishpond (and also stared at me mournfully from the treetops when I put a net over the pond-wow, those are big birds!) But a few times a year, we get a treat here.

A large rock on our beach is a nesting ground for puffins and when they are here, they skirt around on the river like they own the place and are beautiful and fun to watch. They play and chase and even fight here and there. In addition, we get very large flocks of cranes that swoop in and out. Fortunately, they get along well with the seagulls.

What kind of birds do you see in your garden? Some people culture specific plants to draw hummingbirds because they enjoy them and still other put out bird feeders with certain food to draw particular masses. 

Have you made watching birds a family activity? If not, you should consider this as it can be a magical experience. I especially recommend that you keep a bird journal and track when they  come, when they leave, what they eat, what they do and what they look like? Have little artists in the family? Have them draw the birds that they see.

It’s fun and educational for all.

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