Benches Galore

Benches Galore

006.JPGHere’s a quick update on the show business. Duane Kelly, owner of the Northwest Flower and Garden Show reports that attendance is up 4% this year compared to same days last year.  He is giving the deadline of 3/31 for a buyer to come forward before closing. He is willing to sell the Northwest Flower and Garden Show and the San Francisco shows separately if need be but at this time, does not have any firm offers moving forward. The Childcare Center at this time is serving about 10-15 more kids than they had last year which I take as good news because perhaps it means that more families are attending the show. Duane has spoken many times on how he feels that the love of gardening is limited in the younger generations compared to past generations.

I promised you more on benches today. You saw my fave one yesterday at “Sky’s the Limit”. What made it my fave was the living features of it and the wood storage underneath. That is the most unique of all, in my opinion.

But there are several more benches within the Show Garden area that are unique.  The first one is called “Scroll III” and is designed by Will Robinson (see above). It is displayed in the Elandon Gardens Exhibit called “Restoring a Garden to Former Glory” and is very uniquely made with the curves and colors. It is a modern piece and I can see it fitting very well in Japanese Gardens or gardens with an Asian flair. I can see it on a surface of gravel or cement, but not wood.005.JPG

Fancy Fronds also pulled a unique bench into their show garden called “Shall we Dance in the Garden?”. Today the bench even has a model sitting up-top who rather seems to be enjoying the flashbulbs and the attention. You can’t see it in the picture, but at the base of the bench are stuffed tigers as well.  This unique and ornate bench is made partially from wood and truly can be a centerpiece in any garden decor. It’s larger than any of the others that I have seen and looks very comfortable with pillows and cushions. Very cool.


The next bench hails from Indonesia and is part of the “Landscape Desegregation” exhibit created by Star Nursery & Landscaping, LLC. In fact, if you haven’t yet seen this exhibit I encourage you to stop by. All the structures within the show garden come from Indonesia.  And the designers were very clever with the water features in particular. They used two great flowerpots tipped on their sides to move water and I love the look of it.

Finally, we have a small bench with a ton of character from the garden called “Patchwork Garden” from Olympic 009.JPGNursery. I totally adore the curves in it and I like the color too. In addition, I like the lattice look and think it would be an awesome fit for English-themed gardens.

This bench fits in well with the patchwork quilt theme of the show garden and even highlights other items in the garden of similar color. This particular garden is in the lobby area on the 4th floor so if you aren’t looking that direction, can be easy to miss.

Have you seen some really cool benches this year that I missed? Please comment and let me know.

  • Jasmine
    Posted at 14:54h, 20 February Reply

    Thanks for the update from Duane, Flora, and the attendance stats. I’m living vicariously, down south, waiting for the San Francisco show next month! Have FUN! ~ Jazz

  • kATHY
    Posted at 00:10h, 21 February Reply

    I attended the show today, the displays were just beautiful. Brought some glass ormanents to put in my large planters and plants.
    It was the best 5 hours I’ve spent learning more about gardening!

  • flora
    Posted at 00:43h, 21 February Reply

    Thanks for coming by, Jasmine! Nice to see you! I met a couple people today who go to both shows. So I told them all about you. =)

    Hi Kathy. Thanks so much for visiting the show and reading the blog. Very glad that you had an awesome time!

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