Ask Flora- Cleaning Air with Trees and Green Living

Ask Flora- Cleaning Air with Trees and Green Living


Dear Flora:

Recently my son’s preschool was discussing the important of trees and my son seemed to be the only one who understood that trees clean the air and provide oxygen. How can we educate the masses here?

~Never Tree-Less

Dear Never Treeless:

First of all, great job! If your son knows at this age the importance of trees in cleaning our air, you’ve been doing your job. And literally, as you know, it begins in your backyard. When you plant, prune and care for your garden and yard, it is the perfect opportunity to educate too.

But of course it is not too late for the rest of us. Yes, people, trees clean our air. They are absolutely vital to clean space and to bring in the fresh air that we often take for granted here in the Northwest. I am only sorry that it took us so very long to start replacing all that we take.

For more information about the importance of replanting trees, see American Forests.

Dear Flora:

I want to do more green living and growing but it seems like the changes need to come from up above, if you know what I mean. What can I as one little human do?

~Conscious of the Green

Dear Conscious of the Green:

Don’t give up! Join organizations such as We Can Solve It, sign up for their press releases and become informed. Search the internet and learn. There are all kinds of things that we can do like grow organically, harvest rainwater for re-use, refuse to fill the landfills (recycle and re-use), participate in Earth Day celebrations, educate others, plant trees, consider a windmill and solar-powered resources and so much more. Do your part, get a neighbor and family on board, encourage your city government to think green and you WILL make an impact.

Greensburg, Kansas is a great example of leadership taking charge to bring green change-and saving money in the process. Recently a storm took out most of the town and they made a wise decision-rebuild it green up to LEED standards. Even the farmers are on board and using windmills to harness energy. Good, I hope they go organic too. 

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