Winter Veggie Recipes

Winter Veggie Recipes

Here we are in the middle of winter with hopefully spring to soon come. But in the meantime, do you have winter veggies that need a’cookin? Here are some tasty suggestions.

Kale Chips CHIPS– You heard me right! I said “huh” when I first read it but since then have found several fans. Best of all, they are so good for you! They aren’t deep-fried in oil like potato chips are. I hear they are a tasty snack. Click on the link for a great recipe. Recipe and picture courtesy of my Twitter garden friend, @Lelonopo.

WINTER CHILI– Yum, this is a good one too. The recipe includes cabbage, green beans, basil and more. This recipe does not include the standard red beans but I like it this way. It’s like a veggie gumbo with great variety.

BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP– This is too die for! Splendid creamy taste and a fave of mine brought to us courtesy of the Food Network. I suspect the touch of nutmeg adds a lot to this already great recipe.

CABBAGE ROLL CASSEROLE– Wowzie. Click on this link if you like cabbage. To date, she has collected over 200 cabbage recipes. Kudos to this winter vegetable. I had no idea about the versatility of this leaf goody. Also on same page is Walnut-Stuffed Cabbage Rolls and Bacon-Stuffed Cabbage.

BAY SCALLOPS WITH SPINACH-We must not forget the Popeye-famed veggie that guarantees strength (and a multitude of vitamins). This is a great site for spinach recipes and also includes Lamb Roast with Spinach Stuffing.

I am off to make some Creamy Spinach Salad for lunch. Won’t you join me? Make a recipe above and let me know the results!

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