White Wine & Food Choices

White Wine & Food Choices

Girls Guide to Wine

Who could use a wine refresher course? Uh-that would be me. And now that the entertaining season is upon us, I’m sure that you wouldn’t mind one either.Today we are going to start with white wines, with some help from “Girl’s Guide to Wine” by Susy Atkins. We’ll learn more about them and what dishes to pair them with. Stay tuned for next week when we will cover even more.

I must stress to you that quality, or lack thereof, in wines make a large difference in its enjoyment factor. But at the same time, there are quality wines available for $20-$30 a bottle. Don’t skimp-but be a little choosy so that your guests will enjoy a glass of wine with you.

Chardonnay– There is a lot of this around, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best choice. One type of Chardonnay is Chablis, a somewhat “hip” selection. It’s a little lighter than some Chardonnays and tends to have a taste of not just the fruits, but creamy vanilla. Chardonnay is good with: salmon, roast chicken, barbequed fish and pasta with creamy sauces.

Sauvignon Blanc– Has a leaner and zestier taste than Chardonnay. Some lean toward a “grassy” taste. You can find this wine at a bargain but it tastes more watery. Good as a party wine and also with: grilled white fish, salads, tomatoes and green veggies.

Riesling– In spite of a bad rap, these grapes make some of the best wines in the world so don’t give up on them. They can have a rich, appley taste and they age well. A dry Riesling works well for more elegant gatherings and pairs very well with: fish, light oriental dishes and salads. Sweet Riesling blends well with desserts and blue cheeses.

Stay tuned for Monday’s post on more white wine possibilities.

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