We all Win

We all Win

Robin MentoringAs I set out to write an article about creating a winning garden at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show, I find myself returning repeatedly to the notion that everyone involved with or attending the show comes out a winner. From first-time attendees to Founder’s Cup recipients, from volunteers to vendors, from students to speakers-everyone can find and build a prized experience at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show.  

The first time I attended the show, I was a curious home gardener who was thrilled and inspired by the diverse enormity of the event presentation. A stand-out moment was meeting my first Hellebore and learning that it is a winter bloomer. I was charmed. I was hooked.  I was destined to return to this show year after year, finding inspiration to move from weekend gardener to award-winning industry professional.

Subsequent shows offered me an opportunity to meet with designers, vendors and speakers I admired. Too, I met directly with various horticulture programs and societies, gathering the data that lead me to study at Lake Washington Technical College. Through the school, my show experience expanded as I worked directly with many amazing designers as they developed and created their show gardens.

After completing school, I had the great fortune to work with Falling Water Designs, helping co-design and create a show-stopping presentation garden at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. I had begun my relationship with the show as a wide-eyed novice only to come full circle as a show garden designer. Each step the show presented was an opportunity to gain winning strides in the gardening community.

I believe regardless of which awards a designer receives during judging, everyone at the show comes out a winner.  We designers have the chance to build winning teams, to explore groundbreaking design ideas, to inspire colleagues, and to win new clients and friends. In my book, a win isn’t merely measured in trophies.

helleboreThis year, I’ll be volunteering with my peers to help create and host their show gardens. Through volunteerism, I will continue to win at the show.  I look forward to a wide-eyed first-timer pointing at a Hellebore and asking, “What’s that?”  Perhaps by answering this question I will help a vendor sell another Hellebore or send another person to a winter gardening seminar. From this perspective everyone wins-including the Hellebore-which becomes another new gardener’s perennial People’s Choice Award.

Bio: Robin Haglund is the Founder and President of Garden Mentors Inc. She is an award-winning landscape designer who focuses on building better gardens one gardener at a time. Garden Mentors Inc provides garden coaching, design and consultation services. Learn more about Robin and Garden Mentors Inc.

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